June 10, 2017

Mexican Death / Doom Metallers DOOMORTALIS will release their debut full length "Splendour… Then Gloominess" in September 2017 via Chaos Records. The band was formed in late 2010 by guitarist Marce Méndez (SUPPLICIUM, A.P.D.M.) and drummer J. J. Buño (SUPPLICIUM). In early 2011 Isaías Huerta (SUPPLICIUM, A.P.D.M., DENIAL, NECROCCULTUS) joined them on vocals along with guitarist Nestor (NECROCCULTUS, LEPER MESSIAH) and later Homero (BEYOND SANCTORUM) on bass. Their 2013 debut demo "The Unknown Somber Magnetism" was released through the German label Bloodmonk Rite Productions (the Mexican label Embrace My Funeral Records also released it on CD). In 2016 bassplayer Homero left the band and was replaced by Wally (ex PROSCRIPTOR). For all additional information and updates check out www.facebook.com/doomortalis

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