November 30, 2017

Swedish Black Metallers GRAFVITNIR will release their fifth album "Keys To The Mysteries Beyond" on December 15, 2017 via Carnal Records. A promo video for the opening track ‘Nidhögg’ is already available here. The album was recorded in the winter of 2017 and the cover artwork was created by Daniele Valeriani. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Nidhögg’, ‘Key To The Mysteries Beyond’, ‘Vargavinter’, ‘Crossing The Abyss’, ‘Eternity’s Glistening Black’, ‘Journey Into Storms’, ‘Unleash The Storm Of Nothingness’, ‘Eye Of Lucifer’, ‘Whispers Of The Primordial Sea’ and ‘Glimpses Of The Unseeable’. For all further band information check out

Boston / Massachusetts based Death Metallers SCAPHISM will release their second full length "Unutterable Horrors" on January 12, 2018 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Gruesome Unmentionables And Unutterable Horrors’, ‘Malapropos Cardiectomy’, ‘Mitte Eos Ad Infernos’, ‘Vaults Of Pestilence’, ‘Trepanate The Undesired’, ‘The Feaster From The Stars’, ‘Excoriated And Excarnated’ and ‘Hypovolemic Purification’. ‘Vaults Of Pestilence’ is already streaming at this location. More about SCAPHISM at

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