August 30, 2018

Chile / Sweden based Black Metallers XALPEN, featuring bassplayer / vocalist Alvaro Lillo (EXECRATOR, KAKO DAIMON, UNDERCROFT, WATAIN live) and Juan Pablo Nuñez (guitars & vocals), are currently streaming a track from their upcoming EP "Wowk Otrr" over here. The EP will be released through Morbid Skull Records on CD, vinyl and cassette on September 13, 2018. A promo video for the track ‘Kay’Taw Hawrr Sho’On Palakaw-Msh (A Cold Rain Under A Cloudless Sky)’ can furthermore be found at this location. For all additional XALPEN information visit

Turkish / Danish Death Metallers HYPERDONTIA will release their debut full-length "Nexus Of Teeth" via Dark Descent Records on September 14, 2018 (it will be available through international distribution channels on November 09, 2018). The cover art was created by Paolo Girardi and the tracklist reads as follows: ‘Purging Through Flesh’, ‘Of Spire And Thorn’, ‘Teeth And Nails’, ‘Aura Of Flies’, ‘Majesty’, ‘Euphoric Evisceration’, ‘Escaping The Mortal Embodiment’ and ‘Existence Denied’. The track ‘Aura Of Flies’ is already available for streaming at this location now. HYPERDONTIA features Mustafa (guitar) and Malik (bass) from BURIAL INVOCATION and UNDERGANG / PHRENELITH frontman David and drummer Tuna. More band information you will find at

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