December 02, 2018

Selfmadegod Records have released a compilation CD from Polish technical Death Metallers REDEMPTOR . It is entitled "The Becoming (2005 – 2011)" and features the band’s "None Pointless Balance" debut album (2005), the "Nanosynthesis" demo (2009) and the "4th Density" EP (2011). The artwork was created by REDEMPTOR singer Xaay (BEHEMOTH, NECROPHAGIST, NILE, ABYSMAL TORTMENT). More information at

Selfmadegod Records recently also released two limited split EPs. The first one features VIOLATION WOUND and SURGIKILL. It is available on green (100 copies) and black vinyl (400 copies). Both bands contribute one exclusive song. VIOLATION WOUND is violent Punk band fronted by Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY, ABSCESS, DEATH), while Ohio, Kentucky based old school Death Metallers SURGIKILL features Stevo from IMPETIGO and current members of CRUCIFIED MORTALS, VAULTWRAITH, FAITHXTRACTOR, SHED THE SKIN, WOODEN STAKE. The second split EP comes from MASTER and PAGANIZER. It is available on gold (90 copies) and black vinyl (400 copies) and each band performs one unreleased song which was recorded especially for this release. The cover art for was supplied by Roberto Toderico (SODOM, PESTILENCE, SADISTIC INTENT). For more info and ordering details visit

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