January 31, 2018

Dutch Death Metallers SEVERE TORTURE have parted ways with drummer Seth van de Loo recently. The band issued the following statement about the split: "2017 has passed. That year marked the 20th anniversary of SEVERE TORTURE. It was no time for celebration, but a year of reflection and intense soul searching. This ultimately led to Seth’s decision to part ways with us. As one of the band’s founding members, Seth will always be part of the family and we genuinely thank him for 20 years of dedication, inspiration, and creativity! SEVERE TORTURE are about one thing: Death Metal! That being said, the band will continue to go on and we are now looking for a new drummer to join us to record and tour." SEVERE TORTURE are currently checking out new drummers, so interested drummers can still contact them via www.facebook.com/severetorture

"Morgue Mutilations", the 2006 debut full-length from Chicago, Illinois based Death Metallers CARDIAC ARREST, has been re-released on vinyl via Transcending Records. A CD re-issue with bonus tracks will be released in early 2018 as well. A "Morgue Mutilations" promo video can be checked out here. More about CARDIAC ARREST at www.facebook.com/cardiacarrestdeathmetal

THE GROTESQUERY will release their fourth album "The Lupine Anathema" through Xtreem Music on April 06, 2018. A first track (‘By Feral Ways’) has already been posted at this location. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Under The Curse Of The Full Moon’, ‘By Feral Ways’, ‘Wrath Of The Garvulves (By The Eyes Of Moonlight)’, ‘Advent Of The Werewolves’, ‘The Faceless God’, ‘As Death Dies’, ‘The Beast Of The Bayou (Night Of The Rougarou)’, ‘Dark Cry Of The Wolf’, ‘Ithaqua The Wind Walker’ and ‘Bloodcurdling Tales’. For all additional band information visit www.facebook.com/thegrotesquery

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