May 18, 2018

After 26 years of activity and 10 full length albums released German Thrashers DEW-SCENTED decided to call the quits. In an official statement the band explains the decision as follows: "It’s time to realize that we won’t be able to forge ahead much further because DEW-SCENTED just won’t work without complete and constant dedication. And giving such a full-time commitment simply isn’t possible anymore because of how life otherwise evolved throughout the years. Having acknowledged that fact, we feel it’s best to wrap the band up in a proper way, with a purely positive feeling. To go on our own terms and with the best possible "conceptual end", instead of leaving our destiny to chance or someone else’s actions." Within the coming months DEW-SCENTED will perform a last couple of shows and then play their very last show in the group’s hometown Walsrode in Northern Germany on October 06, 2018 to celebrate the band’s legacy in style one last time.,

Lycanthropic Chants have just released INTO COFFIN‘s "The Majestic Supremacy Of Cosmic Chaos" and EKPYROSIS’ "Primordial Chaos Restored" on limited tape editions (150 copies each). For ordering details go to All further band information you will find at and

"Faustian Ethos", the seventh full length from Greek occult Black Metallers ACHERONTAS, is streaming in its entirety at this location now. It will be released in Europe today (and on May 25, 2018 in North America) via Agonia Records. For all additional ACHERONTAS information check out

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