October 12, 2018

After having already re-issued "Hail Infernal Darkness" (on vinyl) and "Feeding Hell’s Furnace" (on cassette) French Krucyator Productions recently also re-issued the DRAWN AND QUARTERED debut album "To Kill Is Human" and the demo "Proliferation Of Disease" on CD. For ordering details check out www.krucyatorproductions.com. More about DRAWN AND QUARTERED at www.facebook.com/drawnandquartered

German Occult Death Metallers GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE will release their debut full length "Wisdom Of The Dead" on December 31, 2018 via Dunkelheit Produktionen (CD, tape and digitally). The vinyl edition will follow on January 25, 2019. Two of the songs are already available for streaming right here. The album was recorded from October to November 2017 by R.S. and GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE. It was mixed and mastered by M. Dahmen at Liquid Aether Audio from November 2017 to January 2018. More band info you will find at www.facebook.com/grimoiredeocculte

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