August 23, 2019

On October 31, 2019 Brazilian symphonic Black Metallers THE KRYPTIK will release their second album "When The Shadows Rise" on CD, vinyl LP and limited A5 digipak. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘The Awakening Of Evil’, ‘Damned’, ‘Flames Of Revenge’, ‘When The Shadows Rise’, ‘Fall’, ‘The Last Breath Of Sadness’ and ‘Ungodly’. You can already listen to the track ‘Damned’ here. More THE KRYPTIK info at

Canadian blackened Death Metallers NECRONOMICON have released a first song from their upcoming new full length "Unus". You can stream ‘Paradise Lost’ at this location. The album, that will be out via Season of Mist on October 18, 2019, features the following ten tracks: ‘From Ashes Into Flesh’, ‘Infinitum Continuum’, ‘Paradise Lost’, ‘The Price Of A Soul’, ‘Singularis Dominus’, ‘The Thousand Masks’, ‘Ascending The Throne Of Baator’, ‘Fhtagn’, ‘Cursed MMXIX’ and ‘Vox Draconis’. Geirlioz (DIMMU BORGIR) guests on piano on the track ‘From Ashes Into Flesh’. It was recorded at Sliver Wings studio, was produced by Rob The Witch and mixed and mastered at Darth Mader music studio by Logan Mader (MACHINE HEAD). The artwork was created by Dragon Caducea Design by Nestor Avalos. All further info can be found at

Spanish Doom Metallers GOLGOTHA have just finished the recordings of their forth album "Erasing The Past", which will be released through Xtreem Music on October 22, 2019 on CD and 12" LP formats. It was produced by Miguel Angel Riutort "Mega" at Psychosomatic Recording Studio. The tracklist is as follows: ‘The Way To Your Soul’, ‘Distorted Tears’, ‘Enveloped In Fog’, ‘Burning The Disease’, ‘New Hope’, ‘Rewrite Your Destiny’, ‘Erasing The Past’ and ‘Land Of Defeat’. A first advance single is already available here. On August 27, 2019 GOLGOTHA will launch a crowdfunding campaign (which will last for 40 days) where you can pre-order the album in limited and exclusive editions on both CD and vinyl 12 "LP, as well as t-shirt, zip hoodies, cloth bag and sticker, in addition to their previous EP on CD and 12 "LP, all signed by the band. More information you will find here. For all additional GOLGOTHA info visit

Danish Black Horror Metallers DENIAL OF GOD will release their third album "The Hallow Mass" via Osmose Productions and Hells Headbangers on October 25, 2019. It was recorded once again at Berno Studio (where the previous two albums and several EPs were already recorded as well). The artwork was created by Markus Vesper and the tracklist reads as follows: ‘Hallowmas’, ‘Undead Hunger’, ‘The Shapeless Mass’, ‘The Lake In The Woods’, ‘Hour Of The Worm’, ‘A Thousand Funerals’ and ‘The Transylvanian Dream’. More about DENIAL OF GOD at

The self-titled vinyl debut 7" EP from NUPTA CADAVERA (Latin for “marriage with a corpse”) will be out via Nuclear War Now! Productions on September 15, 2019. It features the two tracks ‘Metaphysical Cruelty’ and ‘Instant Mortification Of The Soul’. The band is comprised of an international group of musicians, including members of the Korpsånd Circle in Denmark. More info at or

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