February 23, 2019

American Death Metallers ORIGIN will release an anniversary album entitled "Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence" on May 03, 2019 via Agonia Records. It was recorded and re-created from the original 1991 – 1996 era by ORIGIN founding member Paul Ryan, who recorded all instruments himself between 2013 and 2018. The album features eight new (previously unreleased) tracks from the pre – ORIGIN period, spanning from the "Necrotomy" (1990 – 1991) to "Thee Abomination" (1992 – 1993) era of the band (the "Abiogenesis" part of the album), followed by a re-mastered version of ORIGIN’s first ever EP from 1998 ("A Coming Into Existence" part). This EP was never available as a worldwide release before. The "Abiogenesis" cover artwork features a photo of the "Pillars of Creation" from the new advanced Hubble space telescope. The full "Abiogenesis" tracklist reads like this: ‘Insanity’, ‘Mauled’, ‘Autopsied Alive’, ‘Spastic Regurgitation’, ‘Bleed As Me’, ‘Mind Asylum’, ‘Infestation’ and ‘Murderer’. "A Coming Into Existence" features the tracks ‘Lethal Mainpulation The Bone Crusher Chronicles’, ‘Sociocide’, ‘Manimal Instincts’ and ‘Inner Reflections The Pain From Within’. For more info visit www.facebook.com/origin

Portland, Oregon based Death Metallers TRIUMVIR FOUL will release a new four-song EP entitled "Urine Of Abomination" on March 29, 2019 through Invictus Productions. It is the follow-up to the band’s "Spiritual Bloodshed" full length from 2017. More about TRIUMVIR FOUL at www.facebook.com/triumvir-foul-497099127297691

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