March 02, 2019

VLTIMAS, the new band of David Vincent (ex – MORBID ANGEL), Rune Blasphemer Eriksen (ex – MAYHEM, AURA NOIR) and Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY), have just released a fourth and final single from their upcoming debut full length "Something Wicked Marches In". ‘Monolilith’ shows a slightly different side to VLTIMAS, with its more melodic take and serves as a response to the more cold and brutal moments on the record. You can listen to it right here. The album will be released on March 29, 2019 via Season of Mist. More about VLTIMAS at

‘Invocation Of The Silent Eye’, the newest track off "Outis", the forthcoming debut from Slovakian blackened Death Metallers duo CEREMONY OF SILENCE, is now streaming at this location. The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Invocation Of The Silent Eye’, ‘Ceremony Of A Thousand Stars’, ‘Trance Of Void’, ‘Upon The Shores Of Death’, ‘Black Sea Of Drought’, ‘Arising Of No Man’ and ‘Into The Obscure Light’. The cover art was designed by the band’s drummer, Svjatogor. The album will be released through Willowtip Records on digipak CD, LP and digitally on April 05, 2019. For all additional information visit

The "Neutron Hammer" 7" EP from Australia’s Death / Thrashers VOMITOR, originally released via Invictus Productions in March 2002, will be reissued by the label on regular black vinyl and limited clear vinyl on April 12, 2019. The original 7" had a number of visual defects that have been rectified this time (red labels being added whereas the original was white and a printed insert has also been included). The band’s debut full length from 2002, "Bleeding The Priest", will also be available again for the first time in a while on regular black vinyl, limited red vinyl and CD along with a "Prayers To Hell" reissue LP on black vinyl, limited white vinyl and for the first time on CD. VOMITOR will be on tour in Europe in April / May 2019 and in Australia in June 2019. For more information and updates visit

"Infesticide", the debut demo from Vancouver based Death Metallers GRAVE INFESTATION, will be re-released via Invictus Productions on cassette on March 29, 2019. It was originally self-released by the band at the end of 2018. More GRAVE INFESTATION info at

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