March 26, 2019

York, Pennsylvania’s Doom / Deathers CULTIC will release their debut full length "High Command" on April 05, 2019 via Eleventh Key. It was recorded at The Golden Castle in 2018 and the cover art was painted by drummer Rebecca Magar (Wailing Wizard Art). Every song on the album is represented in the album art. You can currently stream the track ‘Enchained’ over here. The band’s vocalist / guitarist Brian Magar issued the following statement about that song: "CULTIC songs are, for the most part, allegorical in nature. Our song ‘Enchained’ is about our government separating immigrant children from their parents and locking them in cages on our southern border. At face value, the song is about an army enslaving people and sending them into exile." A video for the first single off the album, ‘Forest Of Knives’, can still be watched at this location. A CULTIC split single 7" and cassette with FUNERAL BASTARD will furthermore be released later in 2019. For more band information visit

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