October 01, 2019

On November 29, 2019 Blood Harvest Records (in co-operation with I Voidhanger) will release "O Sangue Da Noite", the debut album from Pontevedra, Galicia based Black / Death Metallers SARTEGOS. Blood Harvest will handle the vinyl LP and cassette edition while I Voidhanger will handle the CD release. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Uentos (Prelúdio)’, ‘Sangue E Noite’, ‘Lajes Em Tormento E Decadencia’, ‘Solpor Dos Misterios’, ‘Iugular (Interlúdio)’, ‘Arqueiro’, ‘As Devesas Som Dos Lobos’, ‘Baphomet No Rashulmat’, ‘Poáo E Serpe’ and ‘Aguas Negras (Final)’. The track ‘Sangue E Noite’ is already streaming at this location. More SARTEGOS at https://sartegos.bandcamp.com

On March 23, 2020 GS Productions will release a limited edition (300 copies) ELFFOR boxset entitled "Age Of Blackness". It will contain 11 full length albums and a bonus CD ("The Ritual Of A Dead Dawn"), which was specially recorded for this release. The following albums will be included: "Into The Dark Forest…", "Son Of The Shades", "From The Throne Of Hate", "Unblessed Woods", "Frostbitten Pain", "Heriotz Sustraiak", "Malkhedant", "Dra Sad", "Dra Sad II", "Impious Battlefields" and "Dra Sad III (Beneath The Uplands Of Doom)". The cover artwork and design was created by Mugi (ABIGOR). Pre-order has already started. Visit www.gsp-music.com for more details. More ELFFOR information at www.elffor.com

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