September 10, 2019

"Entropic Increase From The Omega Aeon", the second album from Chile’s Black / Death Metallers XUL OV KVLTEN, will be released on October 04, 2019 via Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation (ATMF). Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Ascend Pathos Signis Dómini’, ‘Destroying The Lamb Instinct’, ‘Entropic Increase From The Omega Aeon’, ‘Quintessence’, ‘Tanatophilic Manifestation’, ‘Nosce Te Ipsvm’, ‘The Primordial Chaos Synthesis’, ‘Hypnoskotomachia Oppositorum’ and ‘Iconoclastic Nihilismus’. More XUL OV KVLTEN information you will find at

Japanese Death Metallers DEFILED will support IMMOLATION and BROKEN HOPE tonight in Osaka, tomorrow in Nagoya and on Thursday (September 12, 2019) in Tokyo. Regarding the tour, DEFILED guitarist Yusuke comments: "We are stoked to be hitting the road this week with IMMOLATION and BROKEN HOPE. We met IMMOLATION and BROKEN HOPE while touring the U.S. over two decades ago, and never imagined we would be touring together, in the 21 century, in Japan! Needless to say, they are living Death Metal legends. See you all at the shows!" More info at

On December 06, 2019 Iron Bonehead Productions will release HELLEHOND‘s debut "Verslonden" on CD and vinyl LP formats. The band’s line-up consists of members of ASPHYX, WEDERGANGER and RECTAL SMEGA. The track ‘Rattenmantel’ is already streaming here. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Kardoes’, ‘Verslonden’, ‘Rattenmantel’, ‘Onbegraafbaar’, ‘Hamerslagen’, ‘Over De Kling’ and ‘Kerkerlust’. For all additional information check out

Soulseller Records have signed Norwegian Black Metallers TULUS. The band will enter the studio in November to record their yet untitled comeback album for a tentative release in March / April 2020. Drummer Sarke comments: "After a long wait TULUS are finally back. Going back to our roots. The new material is raw, primitive Norwegian Black Metal at its best. Signing a new record deal with Soulseller Records, we assure our dark music to be spread to all fans of the Black Metal scene in the best way." Soulseller Records will also re-release TULUS’ third full-length "Evil 1999" on limited edition CD digipak and for the first time ever on regular vinyl on November 15, 2019. More TULUS info at

On October 15, 2019 Sepulchral Productions will release "Mors Aeterna", the debut full length from Québec, Canada based Black Metallers SANCTVS. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Sanctvs Dominvs’, ‘Roi Omnipotent, Sainteté Maléfique’, ‘Dans La Pleine Obscurité L’on Te Devine’, ‘Descends Sur L’Homme Telle Une Épée Flamboyante’, ‘Et Scinde Les Chaînes Qui Le Lient À Yaweh’ and ‘Mors Aeterna’. For more info visit the label website or

South American Death Metallers REPTILIUM have just released a drum playthrough video for ‘Hannu Ae Kondras’, a track from their recently released debut EP "Conspiranoic". The video can be watched right here. A full EP stream is available at this location. For all further info visit

On October 15, 2019 Sepulchral Productions will release "Derniers Chants", the second album from Québec, Canada based Black Metallers OSSUAIRE. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Pestilence Rampante’, ‘À L’ombre Du Très-Haut’, ‘Sous L’autel Des Immaculés’, ‘Élévation’, ‘L’oeil-Sang’ and ‘Derniers Chants (Un Monde Dépourvu De Dieu)’. More about OSSUAIRE at

Danish Back Metallers NUPTA CADAVERA are streaming their self-titled debut EP in its entirety at this location now. The EP will be released on September 15, 2019 via Nuclear War Now! Productions as a vinyl 7". It features the following two tracks: ‘Metaphysical Cruelty’ and ‘Instant Mortification Of The Soul’. More info at or

Canadian blackened Death Metallers NECRONOMICON have released a second track from their upcoming new full length "Unus". You can stream ‘Singularis Dominus’ over here. The album will be released via Season Of Mist on October 18, 2019. All additional NECRONOMICON info you will find at

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