April 03, 2020

US Death Metallers MISERY INDEX have just released a live video of their complete show in Nantes, which was shot during their tour with NAPALM DEATH, EYEHATEGOD and ROTTEN SOUND last February. You can watch the show here. You can follow MISERY INDEX at www.facebook.com/miseryindex

South American Death Metallers REPTILIUM have just premiered ‘Refusing The Hidden Truth’, a track from their forthcoming sophomore EP “Adrenochromacy”, at this location. The EP will be released on April 17, 2020 via Slam World Wide. It was recorded, engineered and produced at Valley Of The Death in Quito, Ecuador and the mixing and mastering duties were handled by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings in Los Angeles, California. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Le Grand Animal Du Maastricht’, ‘New Deadly Bastard’, ‘Refusing The Hidden Truth’ and ‘Massive Abduction’. More about REPTILIUM at www.facebook.com/reptiliumsect

Spanish Death Metallers APOSENTO have just released a lyric video of the the song ‘The Dweller On The Threshold’ over here. The song will appear on their upcoming new album “Conjuring The New Apocalypse”, which will be released on May 05, 2020 via Xtreem Music on CD and 12″ LP formats. It was recorded and mixed by Dan Díez at Track Stereo Studios and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios in Germany. The cover art has been created by Naroa Etxebarría. The complete tracklist of the album reads like this: ‘Liber Al Vel Legis’, ‘Heretics By The Grace Of God’, ‘Kadosh – Spitting On The Trisag’, ‘Samhain – The Night Of Ignis Fatuus’, ‘Akerbeltz’, ‘Noli Me Tangere’, ‘Vamachara – The Left Hand Path’, ‘Revelation 777’, ‘The Dweller On The Threshold’ and ‘Doomsday – The Metanoia Of Redemption Process’. For all additional info please visit www.facebook.com/aposento-738317632866483

“Extreme Nation”, the award-winning feature documentary film on the extreme underground music of the Indian subcontinent gets digitally released on Vimeo’s Video on Demand. The film will be available to viewers worldwide on the streaming platform from 11 AM IST/ 05:30 AM GMT, April 03, 2020. Executive producer Abhay Singh had this to say about it: “After much contemplation we, the producers of the film, decided to release the movie online for people to watch, especially during these testing times for humanity. The whole world is hooked on digital content and wants to know what’s happening around them, hence we decided now is the time. Vimeo On Demand is a creator-empowering platform democratizing the dissemination of relevant media to audiences and is our tool of choice for engaging with our audience.” You can watch “Extreme Nation” here and here. The 81 minutes long film features commentaries from various musicians and people involved in the extreme music scene, including NAFARMAAN, PRIMITIV, PLAGUE THROAT, SYPHILECTOMY, KONFLICT, GENOCIDE SHRINES and MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS. Comments from many obscure bands, Metal enthusiasts, members of the underground and journalists as well as internationally touring bands like IMPIETY and CULT OF FIRE were also documented during their performances. For more information check out www.royvilleproductions.com or www.facebook.com/extremenationindia

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