April 17, 2023

On June 02, 2023 Purity Through Fire will release “So Old”, the sophomore full length from Norwegian Black Metallers KVAD, on CD format. The vinyl version will follow later. You can already stream the album’s first single ‘I Long For The Fires’ over here. The cover artwork was created by Greallach. The full “So Old” tracklist reads as follows: ‘So Old’, ‘I Long For The Fires’, ‘This Was Death’, ‘Amidst Thunder And Demonic Ecstasy’, ‘The Forest Draped Black’, ‘In Servitude Of A Dying Flame’, ‘Void Ritual’ and ‘Ashes Of A Life’. More KVAD you will find at https://kvad.bandcamp.com

US Death Metallers ASCENDED DEAD will release their sophomore full-length “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse” on May 12, 2023 via 20 Buck Spin. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Intro / Abhorrent Manifestation’, ‘Ungodly Death’, ‘Nexus Of The Black Flame’, ‘Bestial Vengeance’, ‘Tantum Bellum’, ‘Inverted Ascension’, ‘The Curse / Enveloped In Thorns’, ‘Visceral Strike’, ‘Passage To Eternity’, ‘Evenfall Of The Apocalypse’ and ‘Intransigent Blackness’ (outro). You can already listen to the album track ‘Inverted Ascension’ at this location. The previously revealed ‘Ungodly Death’ you will still find over here. The cover artwork was supplied by Kyle Bowen. More about ASCENDED DEAD at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063487424591

Belarusian Black Metallers PA VESH EN have just revealed a new track entitled ‘Following Tthe Pestilent Maiden’ at this location. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming fourth full length “Martyrs”, which will be released on May 19, 2023 via Iron Bonehead Productions. The previously revealed ‘In The Torment Cell’ can still be streamed over here. For even more PA VESH EN music please visit https://soundcloud.com/pa-vesh-en

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