August 01, 2023

On August 25, 2023 Slovenian Black Metallers CVINGER will release their third full length “Doctrines By The Figures Of Crnobog” on jewel case CD and digitally via Polish label Via Nocturna Records. The cover artwork was created by Mitchel Nolte. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘Meditations At The World’s Demise’, ‘Revelation Of The Three Headed One’, ‘Fury Born Out Of Bones And Fire’, ‘Blood Catharsis And The Mantra Of Depravity’, ‘The Winter Night Of The Funeral Pyres’, ‘Slava’, ‘Totemism’, ‘Cosmic Realm’, ‘Doctrines By The Figures Of Crnbog’ and ‘Chants And Canticle’. You can already watch a video for ‘Doctrines By The Figures Of Crnbog’ at this location. More CVINGER info you will find at

In early July 2023 Haloran Records released “From Hell”, a lost studio recording from Portuguese Black Metallers DECAYED, which was recorded back in 2008 at Brugo Studio. It features band classics, re-recorded by the “Hexagram” line-up, plus ‘Infernal Waves’ (an exclusive track that only appears on this CD – you can check it out here) and the SODOM cover ‘Blasphemer’. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘From Hell’, ‘Black Metal Onslaught’, ‘Spikes Leather Bullets’, ‘HellWitch’, ‘Blasphemer’ (SODOM cover), ‘Prologue-Moonrise’, ‘Drums Of Valhalla’, ‘Fuck Your God’, ‘Infernal Waves’ and ‘Evil Incantations’. The jewel case CD is limited to 200 copies and available through More about DECAYED at

US Death Metallers INCANTATION will release their 13th full-length “Unholy Deification” via Relapse Records on August 25, 2023. It features guest contributions from Jeff Beccera (POSSESSED), Henry Veggian (ex – REVENANT) and Dan Vadim Von (MORBID ANGEL). The cover artwork was once again created by Eliran Kantor (IMMOLATION, KREATOR, CAVALERA). The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Offerings (The Swarm) IV’, ‘Concordat (The Pact) I’, ‘Chalice (Vessel Consanguineous) VIII’, ‘Homunculus (Spirit Made Flesh) IX’, ‘Invocation (Chthonic Merge) X’, ‘Megaron (Sunken Chamber) VI’, ‘Convulse (Words of Power) III’, ‘Altar (Unify in Carnage) V’, ‘Exile (Defy the False) II’ and ‘Circle (Eye of Ascension) VII’. A video for ‘Concordat (The Pact) I’ you will find at this location. You can follow INCANTATION at

EXHUMATION guitar player and VOICES staff writer Yoga Ghotama has just released an art book entitled “Under The Hands Of Destruction”, which features 13 underground artists from across Indonesia. The book as 109 pages and is entirely written in English. You can check out some pictures at his Facebook site Yoga is currently looking for distributors, so if you can help him out, pleasecontact him at

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