August 13, 2022

Slovenian Black / Death Metallers ENSANGUINATE have just released a video for ‘Vile Grace’ at this location. It was filmed at Castle Haasberg and directed, shot and edited by Žak Krebs. The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut full length “Eldritch Anatomy”, which will be released on CD, LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 copies) and digitally via Emanzipation Productions on September 02, 2022. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Hunted’, ‘Cadaver Synod’, ‘Ghoul Presence’, ‘Perdition’s Crown’, ‘Gaping Maws O Cerberus’, ‘Lowermost Baptisms’, ‘Sublimation’, ‘Death Vernacular’ and ‘Vile Grace’. More ENSANGUINATE information you will find at

On October 14, 2022 Eternal Death will release the debut album of American bestial Black Metallers V.E.I.N., “Blood Oaths”, on vinyl LP format. Even though V.E.I.N. is actually just a one-man project by Death Fiend (BLESSED OFFAL, PANZERBASTARD, DEATHAMPHETAMINE, ex – DEATHGOD MESSIAH, ex – PESTIFEROUS, ex – SEWER GODDESS), the album was recorded by Death Fiend on vocals and lead guitars, Hellvomit on lead guitars, Cathach on bass and vocals and Ratt on drums. The following tracks will be featured on “Blood Oaths”: ‘Total Vascular Collapse’, ‘Malign Blood Oath’, ‘The Black Eye Of Eibon’, ‘Banishment Of Blood’, ‘L.S.D.’, ‘Sangre Libertad’, ‘Warlocks Witches And Demons’ and ‘Bloodstained Symmetry’. You can already listen to ‘Malign Blood Oath’ over here. For all additional info please visit or

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