August 17, 2022

Finnish Black Metallers WHITE RUNE are streaming their upcoming debut album “Dawn Of The White Rune” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on August 19, 2022 via Hammer Of Hate. More info you will find at

“Sold Under Sin”, the new EP from Irish Black / Thrashers SACRILEGIA, will be released on September 30, 2022 via Invictus Productions on CD and 12″ vinyl formats. It will feature the following four tracks: ‘Cimmerian Dawn’, ‘Reactionary Angel’, ‘Sarx & Blood’ and ‘The Squirming Hyperions’. You can already check out ‘Reactionary Angel’ at this location. For all further SACRILEGIA info please visit

Memento Mori have just signed Houston, Texas based Death Metallers PAINGIVER. The CD version of their debut full-length will be released in the first half of 2023. For regular updates follow the band at

Taiwanese-American Death Metallers RIPPED TO SHREDS will release their new full length “劇變 (Jubian)” via Relapse Records on October 14, 2022. It was recorded and mixed by the band’s guitarist / vocalist Andrew Lee at his home studio and mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘Violent Compulsion For Conquest’, ‘Split Apart By Five Chariots’, ‘獨孤九劍 日月神教第三節 (In Solitude – Sun Moon Holy Cult Pt 3)’, ‘Harmonious Impiety’, ‘漢奸 (Race Traitor)’, ‘Reek Of Burning Freedom’, ‘Peregrination To The Unborn Eternal Mother’ and ‘Scripture Containing The Supreme Internal Energy Arts That Render The Practitioner Invincible Throughout The Martial Realm’. The cover artwork was created by Chinese artist Guang Yang, who already painted the cover of the last RIPPED TO SHREDS album. A video for ‘Reek Of Burning Freedom’ is already available over here. For more RIPPED TO SHREDS information please visit

“Asunder / Erode”, the debut full length from Italy / Estonia based Doom / Deathers FERUM will be released on August 19, 2022 via Avantgarde Music / Unorthodox Emanations on CD, vinyl LP and digitally. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Halfhead’, ‘The Undead Truth’ (feat. Mike Perun from CIANIDE), ‘Desolate Vantaa’, ‘Sear Belong’, ‘Monolithic Acquiescence’, ‘Entrails Of Linnahall’, ‘Resurgence In Bereavement’ and ‘Outro: Spesso Il Male Di Vivere Ho Incontrato’. The cover artwork was created by Maestro Paolo Girardi. A full album stream is available at this location. All additional FERUM info you will find at

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