August 23, 2023

Chile’s MY DEAREST WOUND, the Black Metal solo project from Sergio González Catalán (RISE TO THE SKY, WINDS OF TRAGEDY), has just released a video for ‘Annihilator’ at this location. The song is taken from the project’s debut full-length “The Burial”, which will be released on September 15, 2023 via Tragedy Productions. The artwork was created by Natalia Drepina. More about MY DEAREST WOUND you will find at

Danish Thrashers DESTABILIZER will release their debut full length “Violence Is The Answer” via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on September 22, 2023 on CD and digital formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Violence Is The Answer’, ‘Iconoclast’, ‘The Road To Hell’, ‘Progress’, ‘Matchday’, ‘Invocation’, ‘King Paimon’, ‘Ex Inferis’, ‘Panic’ and ‘Terrorist’. You can already listen to the single ‘Progress’ right here. For all additional DESTABILIZER info check out

Swedish Thrashers ERADIKATED will release their debut full length “Descendants” on October 06, 2023 via Indie Recordings. It was produced by the band, recorded by their guitarist Ragnar Östberg at his own studio East Hill Audio and mixed and mastered by Gustav Brunn at All In Audio. The artwork was created by Felicia Rosvall and Carl Stjärnlöv. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Unleash’, ‘Flood’, ‘Drought’, ‘Descendants’, ‘Dead Heaven’, ‘Hazardous’, ‘Faced’, ‘Flames’, ‘Reckoning’, ‘Blood-like Red’ and ‘Coffin’. A video for ‘Flood’, featuring live footage from Sweden Rock Festival 2023, can already be checked out over here. You can follow ERADIKATED at

On October 23, 2023 Memento Mori will release the second album from Polish Doom / Death Metallers MARTYRDOOM, “As Torment Prevails”. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Voidcreeper’, ’93’, ‘Katatonic Ascension Of Cirrhosis’, ‘Purtenance’, ‘Shedding Of The Soul’, ‘Torment’, ‘Festering Existence’, ‘Garden Of Flesh’ and ‘In The Grip Of Winter’ (AUTOPSY cover). You can already check out ‘Katatonic Ascension Of Cirrhosis’ at this location. For more MARTYRDOOM information please visit

Italian melodic Death Metallers MIARA will release their debut full length “Hungering Inside” on November 17, 2023 via Inverse Records. The first single ‘My Will Dominates’ is already available over here. The complete tracklist of the album reads as follows: ‘Hungering Inside’, ‘You Still Remain’, ‘The Gate Of Hell’, ‘Fit Into The Mold’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Broken Bond’, ‘My Will Dominates’, ‘Trying’ and ‘Honesty Is A Dream’. All additional MIARA info you will find at

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