December 01, 2022

On January 20, 2023 Personal Records will release the self-titled debut EP from Finnish Death Metallers ASHEN TOMB, on transparent CD. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘They Live Beneath’, ‘Graveless Abomination’ and ‘Bleak Earth That Used To Host The Ignorant Race That Foresaw Its Doom And Did Nothing (Exterminated The Pest That Once Depraved Its Body)’. You can already check out ‘Graveless Abomination’ over here. ASHEN TOMB can be reached at

On January 23, 2023, Memento Mori will release “Praeparet Bellum”, the seventh full length from Long Island, New York based Doom / Death Metallers RIGOR SARDONICOUS. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Caelum Ardere Vidistis’, ‘Sanguinem Floralibus Luna’, ‘Terra Mota Est’, ‘Vita Cantus’, ‘Ex Finitim’, ‘Voluntatem Dei’, ‘Unholy Sonnet 10’ and ‘Praeparet Bellum’. You can already sream ‘Voluntatem Dei’ at this location. More RIGOR SARDONICOUS info can be found at

London, England based Death Metallers QRIXKUOR will release a new EP entitled “Zoetrope” on CD and tape formats on December 02, 2022 via Invictus Productions (Europe) and Dark Descent Records (USA). The vinyl edition will follow in mid 2023. A full EP stream is available right here. All additional QRIXKUOR information you will find at

Austin, Texas based Black / Death Metal project SARPA will release a new EP entitled “Mauta Tala” on February 17, 2023. The 12-minute opening track ‘Arcane Rites – Tohu Wa Bohu’ is already available for streaming at this location. The complete “Mauta Tala” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Arcane Rites – Tohu Wa Bohu’, ‘Necropoleis Of The Nebulous Deserts’ and ‘It Looms’. For more info please visit

Spanish Thrashers HOLYCIDE have just released video # 7 (out of a series of 10) from their second album “Fist To Face”. You can watch a lyric video for ‘The Aftermath’ (a RECIPIENTS OF DEATH cover) over here. All other HOLYCIDE videos you will find at this location. More band info is available at

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