December 02, 2019

Turkish Black / Death Metallers HELLSODOMY are streaming their upcoming second full length “Morbid Cult” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on December 06, 2019 via Saturnal Records. Here’s the full tracklist of the album: ‘Into Perversion’, ‘Endless Demise’, ‘Pestilence Of Black Blood’, ‘Charged To Kill’, ‘From The Seed To The Grave’, ‘Hateclan’, ‘Divided Souls’, ‘Mortem In Comfort’, ‘Dazed Victims’, ‘Furious Chants’ and ‘Souls Devoured’. More about HELLSODOMY at

On January 27, 2020 Memento Mori will release “Llagas Y Estigmas”, the debut full length from Spanish Doom / Death three-piece PROSCRITO. It was recorded at Moontower Studios (ATARAXY, GRAVEYARD, ONIRICOUS, TEITANBLOOD) with producer Javier Felez and will feature the following tracks: ‘Persistiendo’, ‘Tronos De Oprobio’, ‘Exequias’, ‘Marcado Por La Pezuña’ and ‘Pantalgia’. The opener ‘Persistiendo’ can already be checked out here. More band information you will find at

The tape version of the new CRYPTIC BROOD album “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” is available via Lycanthropic Chants now. 66 copies come in a clear shell with a 300 g/m² recycling paper slipcase, 66 copies come in a green shell and 66 copies in a yellow shell (only available on the “In The Grip Of Death” Europen tour and already sold out). All tapes are hand-numbered, have a 3 panel J-card, lyric sheet and a free digital download. A video for the album’s title track can be watched here. A CRYPTIC BROOD / EKPYROSIS split tape for the “In The Grip Of Death” European tour was furthermore released via Necrotheism Productions. It features two exclusive tracks by both bands and introduces the new line-up of EKPYROSIS. More about CRYPTIC BROOD at or

A few copies of “The Dissolution Of Flesh”, the special tape edition of the new EP by GRAVEYARD GHOUL, is still available from the Lycanthropic Chants shop. It is on sale as a regular edition (111 copies) and 44 copies are housed in a craft paper coffin and come with a sticker. All tapes are hand-numbered and include a free digital download. You can listen to the track ‘Stack The Graves’ at this location. All additional GRAVEYARD GHOUL information you will find at

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