December 08, 2020

Bass player Zulbert Buery is no longer part of HEADHUNTER D.C. The band just issued the following comments about it: “There were 17 years of services rendered to the band, for which we are forever grateful. Unfortunately, as in everything in life, sometimes we are forced to make difficult decisions, but the main goal is and will always be to evolve in the most different aspects, and this decision was made and agreed by both parties and in the most friendly way possible, what couldn’t be different, considering the long years of brotherhood between us, a brotherhood that transcends Death Metal and will continue for the ages to come. We wish Zulbert luck in his projects and further activities, current and future, either as a musician, as a deathbanger, as a father, as a human being. Always count on us, as you will forever be a true ‘Headhunter Death Cultist’! All hail!!! We hope to be able to announce a new bass player very soon and thus continue to spread the Death Cult across the land through hymns of brutality, sin and heresy. We will keep everyone informed about it. Stay tuned for our new album coming out in 2021! A new era of rise of the damned is on its way! Our Cult is eternal! We ride on the wings of resistance!!! I.D.M.W.T.!!!!!!!!! 666” All further band info you will find at

On February 15, 2021 Heidens Hart Records will release “Ôfstân”, the new album from Friesland, Netherlands based Black Metallers KJELD, on CD and vinyl LP formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Betsjoend’, ‘De Iensume Widner’, ‘Wylde Rixt’, ‘Ôfstân’, ‘Asbran’, ‘Wite Fokel’, ‘Falske Doop’, ‘Skaad’ and ‘Konfrontaasje’. More about KJELD at

Canadian old school Death Metallers DEADSOULALLIANCE have released a single from their upcoming album at this location. The album will be entitled “Behind The Scenes” and is scheduled for a release in early spring 2021 via Vrykoblast Productions in co-operation with Regain Records. You can follow the band

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