December 10, 2021

On January 31, 2022 Nebular Carcoma will release a split album between Danish Black Metallers SKINLIV and Poland’s Black Metallers VERMISST on vinyl LP format. The tracklist reads as follows. SKINLIV: ‘I’, ‘II’, ‘III’ and ‘IV’. VERMISST: ‘Incantations Of The Crimson Twilight’ and ‘Weeping From The Old Labyrinthian Spires’. SKINLIV’s ‘II’ can already be checked out here and VERMISST’s ‘Incantations From The Crimson Twilight’ here. More info you will find at or

On February 04, 2022 Eternal Death will release the self-titled debut mini album from New England based Black Metal duo INTERMENT ASHES on cassette tape format. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Isolation’s Urge’, ‘Cold Wind Altar’, ‘I Am Not What I Appear’ and ‘Negligent Confinement’. You can already check out the opener ‘Isolation’s Urge’ at this location. For all additional information please visit or

Netherlands based Death Metal five-piece ROTTEN CASKET will release a new limited 12″ mini LP entitled “First Nail In The Casket” via Lycanthropic Chants on January 14, 2022. A first track is already online for streaming at this location. 100 copies will be available on black, 99 copies on golden and 100 copies on silver vinyl. All versions will come with black poly-lined bags, 300gsm cover and 170gsm insert plus a download code. A limited tape edition (100 copies, clear shell tapes, 170gsm cover, hand numbered with free digital download) will also be available. ROTTEN CASKET features vocalist Martin van Drunen and drummer Stefan Hüskens (both ASPHYX), bass player Patrick van der Beek and guitarists Yorck Segatz (SODOM) and Frank Bergesson. For more ROTTEN CASKET information check out

Greek Black Metallers LUCIFER’S CHILD have just released a lyric video for ‘Satan’s Wrath’ at this location. The track will appear on the band’s upcoming split album with Brazil’s MYSTIFIER, “Under Satan’s Wrath”, which will be released on March 25, 2022 via Agonia Records. More LUCIFER’S CHILD information you will find at

Canadian / Spanish Death / Crust band WEPONRY, featuring Jo Steel (ICE WAR / APHRODITE / EXPUNGED) and Dave Rotten (AVULSED / HOLYCIDE / CHRIST DENIED / FAMISHGOD), have just released a visualizer video for ‘Speedkill’ over here. The song is taken from their debut full length “Everwinding Slaughter”, which will be out on January 11, 2022 via Xtreem Music on CD, 12″ LP, cassette tape and digitally. You can follow WEPONRY at

Serbian Black Metallers CMPT have just premiered the track ‘Srce Od Trnja’ at this location. It will be featured on the band’s debut album “Krv I Pepeo”, which will be released on December 21, 2021 via Osmose Productions. More CMPT at

Apocalyptic Black / Death Metal project TORII is currently streaming ‘Grey Expanse’, a song from their forthcoming self-titled album, over here. Multi-instrumentalist and mastermind behind TORII, Bill Masino, commented on the song as follows: “The theme of ‘Grey Expanse’ is indecision and futility. However, it is also about accepting the futile decisions made every day and pushing forward. I wanted to express a sense of determination through the mundane.” The album will feature the following tracks: ‘The Second Renaissance’, ‘Synthetic Dust’, ‘Persephone’, ‘Eurydice’, ‘Grey Expanse’, ‘Void’, ‘Inertia’ and ‘Torii’. The artwork, lyrics, vocals, instruments and programming on “Torii” were all done by Bill Masino. “Torii” will be released on December 17, 2021. For all additional info please visit

Finnish Folk influenced melodic Death Metal band CROWEN has released their debut EP “Prophecy” via Inverse Records today. It features the following tracks: ‘Her Words’, ‘Seer’s Prophecy’, ‘Submission’, ‘Black’ and ‘Exosus’. The cover art was created by Minna Heikkilä. A video for the song ‘Black’ (featuring Mika Kankainen of SHADE OF SORROW and Mira Cibulka) can be watched right here, a video for ‘Exosus’ here. A full EP stream is available at this location. For all further CROWEN info, please visit

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