December 14, 2023

Seattle, Washington based technical Death / Black Metallers XOTH have just released a bass music video for ‘Battlesphere’ over here. The track appears on the band’s third full length “Exogalactic”, which was released via Dawnbreed Records in November 2023.

French blackend Death Metallers NECROWRETCH have just revealed a second track from their upcoming fifth full length “Swords Of Dajjal”. You can watch a lyric video for ‘Ksar Al-Kufar’, which was filmed on location in Ethiopia and Morocco by Mounit Chraibi, at this location now. More NECROWRETCH information you will find at

On January 26, 2024 Osmose Productions will release “333”, the eighth full length of Netherlands based Black Metallers FUNERAL WINDS, on CD and vinyl LP formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Sovereign Of Shadows’, ‘Eternal Nightmare’, ‘Cast The Gauntlet Of Doom’, ‘Ancient Wrath Unleashed’, ‘The Damned Ones Shall Rise’, ‘Forever Cursed And Bound’, ‘Birthed By Pure Malevolence’ and ‘Conjuration Of The Blind One’. A first track premiere will be revealed on January 03, 2024.

Swedish melodic Black Metallers DEAD EARTH will release their debut full length “Et Disperdam Illud” via Chaos Records on February 16, 2024 on CD format. It was originally released on vinyl in November 2022 via De:Nihil Records. DEAD EARTH features Mathias Kamijo, most known for long-running Black Metallers ALGAION, but he also used to be a live member of HYPOCRISY in the late ’90s and played on NEPHENZY CHAOS ORDER’s second album “Pure Black Disease”. On “Et Disperdam Illud” he was joined by the following guest vocalists: Henke Forss (DAWN), Björn Larsson (MORDBRAND / GOD MACABRE), Thomas Clifford (ABSCESSION / THRONE OF HERESY), Angus Norder (WITCHERY) and Kristin Starkey (TEMPERANCE). The drums were performed by Kim Arnell (MORIFADE, PRIME CREATION) and some guest leads come from Toby Knapp and Chaq Mol (DARK FUNERAL). A full album stream is available at

Swedish / US Death Metallers RIBSPREADER will release their tenth full length “Reap Humanity” on January 16, 2024 via Xtreem Music on CD and digital formats. The first advance single, ‘A Fleshless Gathering’, can already be streamed at this location. The full tracklist of the album reads as follows: ‘The Skeletal Towers’, ‘A Fleshless Gathering’, ‘Reap Humanity’, ‘Count Damnation’, ‘As The Ghouls Are Summoned’, ‘Like Breeding Vermin’, ‘Further Into Decay’, ‘Human Fodder’ and ‘Shrouded In Despair’. RIBSPREADER’s current line-up consists of Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, PUTREVORE, THE GROTESQUERY, REVOLTING…) on guitar, bass and vocals, Taylor Nordberg (DEICIDE, INHUMAN CONDITION, ex – MASSACRE) on guitar and Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC., INHUMAN CONDITION, ex – MASSACRE) on drums.

UK based Death Metallers CRYPTWORM are streaming their upcoming sophomore full length “Oozing Radioactive Vomition” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on December 15, 2023 via Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl), in co-operation with Pulverised Records (CD) and Extremely Rotten (cassette tape).

Toronto, Canada based technical / progressive Death Metal five-piece APOGEAN has just released a second single off their debut full length “Cyberstrictive”. You can watch a lyric video for ‘With Which Ear You’ll Listen’ at this location. The album will be released on March 08, 2024 via The Artisan Era on vinyl LP, CD and digitally. A video for ‘Thousand-Yard Glare’, the album’s first single, can still be found over here. The complete tracklist of “Cyberstrictive” reads like this: ‘Bluelight Sonata’, ‘Thousand-Yard Glare’, ‘Distance (Of Walls And Wails)’, ‘With Which Ear You’ll Listen’, ‘Imposter Reborn’, ‘Within The Bounds Of A Simile’, ‘Hueman (The Pleasure Of Burn)’, ‘Polybius’, ‘Spinthariscope’ and ‘An(t)imus’.

Leeds, UK based Death Metal quintet COGNIZANCE has just premiered a video for ‘Shadowgraph’, the second single from their forthcoming third full length “Phantazein”, at this location. The album will be released on January 26, 2024 via Willowtip Records on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Ceremonial Vigour’, ‘A Brain Dead Memoir’, ‘Chiselled In Stone’, ‘Introspection’, ‘Futureless Horizon’, ‘The Towering Monument’, ‘Alferov’, ‘Shock Heuristics’, ‘Broadcast Of The Gods’, ‘In Verses Unspoken’ and ‘Shadowgraph’.

Finnish Thrashers MIEHALA will release a new EP entitled “Sons Of Alaheim” on March 14, 2024 via Inverse Records. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Torch The Children’, ‘War’, ‘Into The Void’, ‘Altar’ and ‘Vision Of Violent Death’. The EP’s first single ‘War’ was just released over here. More about MIEHALA at

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