December 18, 2020

On February 19, 2021 Putrid Cult will release “Absid Ab Ordine Luminis”, the debut full length from Polish blackened Death Metallers UPON THE ALTAR. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Crown Of Weakness’, ‘Wolfs Of Napalm’, ‘Expire’, ‘Mortuus Est Rex’, ‘Blasphemare Absens Fides’, ‘Absit Aab Ordine Luminis’ and ‘Hapax Legamenon’. The album opener ‘Crown Of Weakness’ can already be streamed at this location. More UPON THE ALTAR at

US Power / Speed Metallers SAVAGE GRACE will re-release their second album “After The Fall From Grace” on December 21, 2020 via Hooked On Metal Records. The CD will contain the 9 album tracks and comes with the original mix from 1986. You can order it here:

Japanese Necro Black Metallers BITCHEATER will release their debut full length on January 01, 2021 via Bestial Invasion Records. BITCHEATER is a new band of Yasuyuki Suzuki (ABIGAIL, BARBATOS) influenced by the first wave of Black Metal. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Bitcheater’, ‘Far East Black Phantom’, “Evil Night’, ‘Satanikhaoslaughter’, ‘Dystopia Of The Moon’, ‘Black Throne’, ‘Buried In A Black Grave’, ‘Return To The War’, ‘Necromancer Screams’ and ‘Lucifer Dreaming In Love’. More info at

New York City based blackened Death / Grinders GRAVESEND will release their debut full-length “Methods Of Human Disposal” on February 19, 2021 via 20 Buck Spin. It was recorded by Nolan Voss, mixed by Arthur Rizk (POWER TRIP, TOMB MOLD) and mastered by Brad Boatright. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘Fear City’, ‘STH-10’, ‘Methods Of Human Disposal’, ‘Ashen Piles Of The Incinerated’, ‘End Of The Line’, ‘Subterranean Solitude’, ‘Unclaimed Remains’, ‘Verrazano Floater’, ‘Eye For An Eye’, ‘Trinity Burning’, ‘Needle Park’, ‘Absolute Filth’, ‘The Grave’s End’, ‘Scum Breeds Scum’ and ‘Concrete Feet’. You can already stream ‘Needle Park’ over here. More about GRAVESEND at

Norwegian Black Metallers VALDAUDR will release their debut full length “Drapsdalen” via Soulseller Records on February 26, 2021 (CD and digitally). The vinyl edition will follow during the Spring. The complete tracklist of the album reads as follows: ‘Liket Skulle Vaert Brent’, ‘Trass Og Vrede’, ‘Evig Langt Inn I Tiden’, ‘Den Evige Ild’, ‘Du Vantro Og Vrange Slekt’, ‘Drapsdalen’ and ‘Kom, Bestig Vaare Fjell’. The opener can already be checked out at this location. The roots of VALDAUDR can be found in the Black Metal project COBOLT 60, which was initiated back in 2000 by guitarist Død (BLOOD RED THRONE, ex – SATYRICON). Next to Død VALDAUDR’s line-up also features vocalist Vald (BLOOD RED THRONE) and Rune Nesse (TAAKE – live), who handled the drums and also took care of the mix. For all additional band information please visit

On January 29, 2021 Blood Harvest Records will release “Degradation Of Human Consciousness”, a new 3 song EP from Denver, Colorado based Death Metal trio ASTRAL TOMB, on cassette tape format. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Devouring Sorrow’, ‘Transcendental Visions’ and ‘Orbiting Fractals’. ‘Transcendental Visions’ can already be streamed right here. More ASTRAL TOMB at

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