February 02, 2022

American Death Metallers CRYPTUM have just premiered the track ‘Volitional Sacrilege’ over here. It will appear on the band’s new EP “Vile Emergence”, which will be released on February 24, 2022 via Caligari Records on CD and cassette tape formats. The previously revealed title track can additionally be streamed at this location. The full “Vile Emergence” tracklist reads like this: ‘Torrent Of Infinite Time’, ‘Volitional Sacrilege’, ‘Dead Celestial Bodies’ and ‘Vile Emergence’. More CRYPTUM info you will find at www.facebook.com/cryptumcrew

“Spewing Mephitic Putridity”, the debut full-length of UK based Death Metal duo CRYPTWORM, will be released on March 11, 2022 via Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl LP), Pulverised Records (CD) and Extremely Rotten Productions (cassette tape). It will feature the following tracks: ‘Disgorged Chunks Of Life’, ‘Immense Cerebral Decomposition’, ‘Reduced To Liquified Mass’, ‘Disembowelment (Draped In Gore)’, ‘Premature Entombment’, ‘Septic Phlegm Asphyxia’, ‘Amorphous Transmutations’ and ‘Spewing Mephitic Putridity’. The album opener ‘Disgorged Chunks Of Life’ can already be checked out at this location. The artwork was created by Skaðvaldur. For all additional information please visit www.facebook.com/cryptworm

Swedish Death Metallers ETERNAL PERDITION (ex – DISGUSTOR), featuring members of DARKIFIED, AMENOPHIS, ALLEGIANCE, TERRORAMA and WANTON ATTACK, will release their debut album “Burnt Offerings” on February 04, 2022 via Bestial Invasion Records on CD format. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Under The Horns’, ‘At The Crossroads’, ‘Adoration Of The Devil’, ‘Cursed Be’, ‘Flesh And Bone’, ‘The Black Supper’ and ‘Corpse Candles’. The opening track is already available for streaming over here. More info at www.facebook.com/bestial-invasion-records-247631521920716

New England based Black Metal duo INTERMENT ASHES is streaming their self-titled debut mini album at this location now. It will be released on February 04, 2022 via Eternal Death on cassette tape format. More INTERMENT ASHES you will find at https://intermentashes.bandcamp.com

Chicago Death Metallers DISINTER have just released a compilation entitled “Demolition” via Pest Records. Here’s what guitarist Mike LeGros had to say about it: “After new songs were crafted, we wanted to demo material along the way, up to the recording of the new full length “Breaker Of Bones”. We infiltrated 3 recording studios 1 per year, for the last 3 years, recording 2 new songs, and re-recording an older song, with each session. Demo I 2019, Demo II 2020 and Demo III 2021 are the end result, and have been compiled for a release with Pest Records. “Demolition” showcases our first new material in over 15 years. We are anxiously awaiting this release which will go corpse in casket with our 6th full length release “Breaker Of Bones”. We are happy to be working with an underground label, like Pest Records, and thankful that they had interest in working with us, to bring these demo recordings together for this release.” All additional DISINTER information you will find at www.facebook.com/oblivioncemetery

ABSENT IN BODY, featuring Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove (guitars, AMENRA), Colin H. Van Eeckhout (bass / vocals, AMENRA), Scott Kelly (vocals / guitars, NEUROSIS) and Iggor Cavalera (drums, ex – SEPULTURA), will release their debut “Plague God” on March 25, 2022 via Relapse Records on LP, CD, cassette and digitally. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Rise From Ruins’, ‘In Spirit In Spite’, ‘Sarin’, ‘The Acres / The Ache’ and ‘The Half Rising Man’. A video for ‘The Acres / The Ache’ can already be watched over here. The artwork was created by Sven Harambašić. For all further ABSENT IN BODY info please visit www.facebook.com/absentinbody

“The One Who Swallowed God”, the debut EP from Chile’s Black Metallers SAKLAS, will be released on April 01, 2022 via Personal Records on CD format. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Mastering The Chaos Meditation’, ‘Empty Realm’, ‘The One Who Swallowed God’ and ‘La Poderosa Muerte’ (LOS JAIVAS cover). The EP opener ‘Mastering The Chaos Meditation’ is already available for streaming over here. More about SAKLAS at www.facebook.com/saklasband

On April 22, 2022 Dying Victims Productions will release “Viridian Inferno”, the debut full length from Australian Metal Punks REAPER, on CD and vinyl LP formats. You can already check out the track ‘Decay’ at this location. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Shadow Of The Crucifix’, ‘Satanic Panic’, ‘Taste The Blood’, ‘Drop Of The Blade’, ‘The Reaper’, ‘Nothing Left To Waste’, ‘Decay’, ‘Sentinels Of Heresy’, ‘Mass Grave’ and ‘Internal Torment’. For more REAPER info please visit www.facebook.com/reapermelbourne

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based Threashers EYES OF THE LIVING will release their new album “Fear Comes Knocking” on February 25, 2022 via Blood Blast Distribution. Vocalist / guitarist Tim Swisher commented on it as follows: “As much as we may not intentionally wanted it to, I feel the writing process became influenced by the current times and state of things, evident in the title track and first single ‘Fear Comes Knocking’. This album feels a bit heavier, maybe even darker in sound and mood on some tracks. The lyrical content touches on subjects of fear, anger, betrayal, religion and overcoming certain emotions. It continues to expand in the direction we are headed in musically, without deviating too much from our roots in Thrash Metal.” For regular updates you can follow EYES OF THE LIVING at www.facebook.com/eyesoftheliving

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