February 02, 2024

On March 29, 2024 Me Saco Un Ojo Records, in co-operation with Dark Descent Records and Extremely Rotten Productions, will release “Septic Worship”, the debut full length from Danish Deathgrinders SEPTAGE. Me Saco Un Ojo will handle the vinyl release, Dark Descent the CD version and Extremely Rotten the cassette tape. You can already check out the track ‘Intolerant Spree Of Infesting Forms (Septic Worship)’ at this location. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Inauguration Of Septic Tank Release And Epic Faecal Sludge Chug-Off’, ‘Candidiasis French Kiss’, ‘Septic Baptism’, ‘Septic Deterioration And Decomposition (Lubricated In Feces For The Great Beyond)’, ‘Intolerant Spree Of Infesting Forms (Septic Worship)’, ‘Bushmeat Banquet’, ‘Transilience Of Parasitic Infestation (Septic Engorgement)’, ‘Emetic Rites’, ‘Fungi Licks (Of Septic Drainage Effluent)’, ‘Devastation Of Intestinal Flora By Bushmeat And Infected Blood’, ‘Haris Ve Afis Dalyarakların Hazin Sonu (Nihai İnfilak)’, ‘Jorden Raser Efter Menneskekød’, ‘Septic Septic’, ‘Airborne Droplets Of The Infected’ and ‘Başkasının Kusmuğu’. www.facebook.com/septagedeath

Netherlands based Black Metal five-piece DEMOLITION has just released their debut single ‘Among The Ruins’ over here. The band consists of members of MISANTHROPIA, WELMOED and ZØRORMR. www.facebook.com/demolitionhorde

Brutal D-Beat / Crust two-piece NEGATIVE PRAYER has just premiered the track ‘Caged’ at this location. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut full length “Self // Wound”, which will be released on March 01, 2024 via Chaos Records on CD format. The vinyl version will follow later in the year. The previously revealed album track ‘Violence’ can still be streamed over here. “Self // Wound” was recorded by Charlie Koryn at Toadhouse Recording during Winter 2020 / 21 and re-amped, re-mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer. The cover artwork was created by Adam Medford. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Violence’, ‘Hell’, ‘Wound’, ‘Morbid’, ‘Caged’, ‘Noose’, ‘Negative Prayer’, ‘Bloodfeast’ and ‘Amputate’. NEGATIVE PRAYER features Kyle House on vocals, guitar and bass and Charlie Koryn on drums, current and ex – members of POISON IDEA, ACEPHALIX, DECREPISY, INCANTATION and FUNEBRARUM. www.facebook.com/chaosrecords

“Maze Envy”, the sophomore full-length from Los Angeles, California based Doom / Deathers CIVEROUS, will be released via 20 Buck Spin on March 22, 2024. It was recorded, mixed and produced by Andrew Solis at Deadstare Audio and mastered by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic Sound. The cover artwork was created by Juanjo Castellano (MAJESTIES, VOIDCEREMONY, AVULSED, GATES OF ISHTAR). The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘The Azure Eye’, ‘Shrouded In Crystals’, ‘Endless Symmetry’, ‘Labyrinth Charm’, ‘Levitation Tomb’, ‘Maze Envy’ and ‘Geryon (The Plummet)’. A video for ‘Labyrinth Charm’, featuring guest vocalist Derek Rydquist (THE ZENITH PASSAGE, THE FACELESS), can already be watched at this location. More about CIVEROUS at www.instagram.com/civerous_disease

Gyllbergen, Sweden based Metalpunks DÖDSRIT have just premiered the track ‘Celestial Will’ over here. It will be featured on the band’s fourth full length “Nocturnal Will”, which will be released on March 22, 2024 via Wolves Of Hades. The previously revealed ‘Nocturnal Fire’ can still be streamed at this location. The full “Nocturnal Will” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Irjala’, ‘Nocturnal Fire’, ‘Ember And Ash’, ‘Utmed Gyllbergens Stig’, ‘As Death Comes Reaping’ and ‘Celestial Will’. www.facebook.com/dodsrit

“Anthology Of Horror”, the second album from VINCENT CROWLEY, will be released via Hammerheart Records on digipak CD, gatefold vinyl LP, as well as digitally on February 23, 2024. A video for the song ‘Amityville’s Horror’ can already be checked out over here. All further information you will find at www.facebook.com/vincentcrowley666

Brazilian melodic Black / Death Metallers LITOSTH are streaming their third full length “Cesariana” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released via Personal Records today. www.facebook.com/litosthofficial

“Swords Of Dajjal”, the fifth full length from French Black / Death Metallers NECROWRETCH, can be streamed in its entirety over here now. The album will be released via Season Of Mist today. www.facebook.com/necrowretch

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