February 11, 2020

Swedish Black Metallers MÖRK GRYNING have inked a deal with Season Of Mist. In the last years, the Swedes have returned to the stage with live performances in Stockholm (Sweden), at Party San Open Air (Germany) and at Eindhoven Metal Meeting (the Netherlands). Regarding the signing, the band commented as follows: “The sleepers are asleep no more. The dead are resting peacefully no more. After many years of slumber, the old flame of chaos has flared up once again to fill our hearts and souls. We are very proud to announce that our new album will be released under the banner of Season Of Mist. A label not only known for their extremely strong collection of artists, but also for their professional and honest work over many years. This album is a creation of MÖRK GRYNING’s original members Goth Gorgon and Draakh Kimera with contributions from members who were part of us on later releases. Music wise, it returns to the melody based, straightforward style of the debut “Tusen År Har Gått” with hellish blast beats alternated with epic pagan rhythms and acoustic breaks. A furious assault upon the civilized world and a descent into the nether regions of the world beyond. Join us into the maelstrom!” MÖRK GRYNING previously released a live EP of their 2017 reunion show in Stockholm. You can listen to “Live At Kraken” here. More about MÖRK GRYNING at www.facebook.com/morkgryningband

On March 01, 2020 Purity Through Fire will release “Purist”, the debut album from Finnish Black Metallers TO CONCEAL THE HORNS, on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. Mainman Vexd (who’s handling all vocals and instruments save drums as well as recording) played in GHOST BRIGADE for many years and, more recently, in the now-disbanded ALGHAZANTH. The tracklist of the album reads as follows: ‘Ataraxy – Intro’, ‘Realm Of Averiandur’, ‘Wanderer In Time’, ‘The Rite Of Purification’, ‘Musta Usva’, ‘Vapaus – Interlude’ and ‘Death Horizon’. ‘The Rite Of Purification’ is already available for streaming at this location. More TO CONCEAL THE HORNS information you will find at www.facebook.com/toconcealthehorns

On March 09, 2020 Nebular Carcoma (in co-operation with Postmortem Apocalypse) will release a vinyl only compilation from Polish Black Metallers NECROSTRIGIS entitled “From Bleak Cavernous Chambers”. It will feature songs that have never been available on vinyl before, some in their original form (or with a different mix), while others have been re-recorded fully or partially. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Night Sabbath Metal’, ‘Above The Profound Darkness Of Underground’, ‘The Temple Of Murderous Shadows’, ‘Grave Cavern (Hunting For Blood)’, ‘The Time Of Archaic Alliance’, ‘W-Interludium’, ‘Cursed Dead Marshes’, ‘Fires Of The Devil’s Blood’, ‘Possessed By The Cult Of The Night’ and ‘Necroutro’. For more information please visit the label at www.facebook.com/nebularcarcoma

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