February 13, 2021

Canadian progressive Death / Thrashers CATHARTIC DEMISE will digitally self-release their debut full-length “In Absence” on April 09, 2021. It was recorded and mixed by Jonah Kay at HM Studio in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and mastered by Jamie King. The cover artwork was created by Ioannis Vassilopoulas. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘With Lust’, ‘For Power’, ‘Blade In The Dark’, ‘Silence Within’, ‘Pale Imitations’, ‘Disparity’, ‘In Absence’, ‘Waves’ and ‘Desire’. An official video for the single ‘For Power’ is already available at this location. You can follow CATHARTIC DEMISE at www.facebook.com/catharticdemise

Drummer / vocalist / lyricist Proscriptor (Russ R. Givens) of Texas based “Mythological Occult Metal” act PROSCRIPTOR MCGOVERN’S APSÛ has just issued the following statement: “We have just completed the mixing process for the debut / self-titled album on Agonia Records. Earlier in 2020, I dissolved the 30-year old sanctuary of ABSU to emphasize on a renewed songwriting concord. With this forthcoming record, my objective was to append the signature sound of “Mythological Occult Metal”, but to convolute it with bouts of psychedelia, fusion and vintage electronics. The only individual that sees outside the circles of time is Vorskaath, as we have discussed a musical collaboration for nearly three decades. Now, he has fulfilled voids where applicable: from frenetic to oscillate.” The band’s line-up also features the just mentioned Vorskaath (ZEMIAL), bassist Ezezu and guitarist / bass player Vaggreaz. The album was recorded at studios around the world with final mixing handled in Dallas, Texas by Proscriptor and J.T. Longoria and mastering by Karl Daniel Lidén in Sweden. It features guest appearances from Ross Friedman (ROSS THE BOSS), Rune Eriksen (AURA NOIR / VLTIMAS), Alex Colin-Tocquaine (AGRESSOR) and The Dark (AGATUS). Ten separate portrait illustrations were created by Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak. An album trailer can already be checked out here. For all additional information please visit www.facebook.com/officialabsu

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