Death Metal reigns supreme! I started the review of GODLESS’ double 7”EP with the same sentence and here and there I did it with purpose as this band is mighty. Their brand of Death Metal is for all fans of Death Metal in the American way with a dark, gloomy and evil atmosphere. Finally I received my answers back from Gioser therefore it’s time for you now to figure out what’s the idea behind this Chilenian Death Metal outfit. A band to check out and to watch out! Go ahead!

Hello Gioser, how are you? Hope you are well-prepared for this interview? Haha! I think so. Thanks a lot in showing interest in answering my humble questions. Is there anything of interest which you want to say at the beginning to the Voices From The Darkside readers?
"Sworn to Irreligiousness & Death!!"

Please tell the readers the most up-to-date news in the GODLESS-camp? E.g. are some new songs written or already recorded?
"Well, in this moment GODLESS is finishing the composition work of our debut LP. We are on the final arrangements of all deathpraises that will be included, none of this recorded yet but one. This new anthems are in the same Death Metal vein that GODLESS executes through the years, but I can assure you that it will be more obscure, cruel and intricate than “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante”."

In your biography I read that you were already formed in 1997 which is already 11 years ago. Could you please tell something about this time and why you thought it was right thing to found a Death Metal band like GODLESS?
"Those early years were the hardest ones to keep the group alive but all that hard time become stronger our proposal! Not many bands here in our country can say that are in the same vein for almost 12 years! I have to say the ancient Death Metal feeling and our prism of insubmission, summoning GODLESS’ existence for sure."

How did you start? Did you play a lot of covers of other bands or did you consider GODLESS from the first moment as a “real” band?
"Well yes, we started with some covers but only to practise while we create our first compositions and not to be a useless tribute-cover-band."

In 1999 you, Gioser, decided to leave the band. What happened that you saw that as a reason to leave the band and what happened that you joined them again in 2003?
"Basically, I was playing in another Death Metal manifestation and it was my priority in that moment. As soon as this band decayed my brothers in pagan blood ask me if I want to rejoin to GODLESS… of course I accepted this proposal because there is no other band that has Death Metal running in his veins as GODLESS."

In 1999 GODLESS recorded a promo CD to which a live recording from one of your gigs in 2001 was added. This release saw the light of day in 2002. As I haven’t heard this release so far it would be quite interesting to know something about it. Even if you were not involved in this recording could you please loose some words about this promotional release?
"The first GODLESS recording was 4 tracks of Death Metal savagery, something that not many bands were doing in that year (because Black Metal has all the attention in the worldwide scene and specially here in our country). Then, one of the shows promoting these tracks was recorded directly from the console giving it a very raw sound and mostly showing the REAL GODLESS live sound from those years! Both recordings were compiled and released as “Promos” without any mastering abuse."

For which kind of promotion did you want to use it?
"Only for spreading GODLESS’ declarations through our country."

Is it correct that this promo CD and your current recording “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” is the only stuff you released so far?
"That is correct!"

As GODLESS is around already since a long time I wonder how you and the other members consider the band during the years? Is this band an important part of your life? Do you spend a lot of time in the rehearsal room? Do and did you play a lot of live shows? Or were you probably lazy as hell as you got known abroad not before your last recording?
"GODLESS is absolutely important for us; there is no doubt about it! But sadly, we can not rehearse so much as we want, because we also have families, works and studies. We stop playing live to complete soon the new LP, but before that we play several live gigs through Chile promoting “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante”."

The technical skill of all GODLESS members is quite high considering the from time to time pretty complex stuff you are presenting on your last recording. Do you or any other member of GODLESS play in other bands, too?
"No, the four Deathcoreligionists are only involved in the GODLESS force."

In my opinion one of the really great facts about GODLESS is that even being musically quite technical and superior you still sound oldschool as fuck! What should a GODLESS song be all about?
"The GODLESS anthems must praise the Death Metal essence, this is law! So, we impregnate ourselves with the most obscure and aggressive reflections to give birth to Our Impious Death Metal!"

Let’s loose some words about your current recording “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” in all its different forms (MCD (Tyrannus Records), double 7”EP (Blood Harvest Records) and the demotape (Tyrannus Records)). There are slight differences in these releases, right?
"We are very proud that “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” was released in all formats. It originally contains eight deathpraises and, as an idea from Tyrannus, were included 4 bonus tracks from our previous release. Then, the DoEP was released only with the eight original anthems (just like the MCD should be released!) and a new layout (with some amazing drawings from Self Desecrator), and finally the tape version is almost the same vinyl layout, but with an exclusive bonus track called ‘Sacrobsolescence’."

Tell some words to promote “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante”!! By the way, “Irreligiosus” shouldn’t that be “Irreligious”? Just curious
“Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” is only for the igneous ones!! No, the word “Irreligiosus” is correctly used because isn’t an English word. The complete literally title translation, in Latin tongue, is Irreligious Unanimity."

Which versions are still available and where and how to get them?
"In this moment the MCD and cassette is completely sold out through Tyrannus Records, but the 7” EP is still available through Blood Harvest Records and also there are a lot of elite labels that are distributing the double vinyl: Enucleation, Morbid Kult, Hells Headbangers, NWN!, Deathgasm, Obliteration, Iron Tyrant, Revenge, Nuclear Winter, Crush Until Madness, among others… just contact them!"

What about this song you used from the band UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN? I still haven’t heard this band but I know they disbanded a while ago
“’Deprecación Al Primado De La Desacralización’ is not an Unaussprechlichen Kulten song, it’s an anthem created exclusively for “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” recording by our deathcoreligionist Joseph Curwen (guitars, vocals and founder of Unaussprechlichen Kulten).They didn’t split up and they are stronger than ever since they have recently released their new full length called “People Of The Monolith”, who simply is an amazing offering of occult and suffocating Death Metal… worship them!" (I can only agree here – check out UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN – Thomas)

Tyrannus Records might be pretty close to you, but how did you get in touch with Rodrigo from Blood Harvest Records and to make him release your recording on vinyl?
"He contacts us, given his appreciations about our stuff. He was very impressed for what he was listening on our webpage, so he asks us if there is any possibility to release a vinyl version of “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante”. We always respect the work and the profile of the label, so we only had to set the points of the deal and the rest is history."

Are you satisfied with the work of the two labels involved – Blood Harvest and Tyrannus? What do you think about the label and its releases? I know Blood Harvest fairly good; unfortunately I know no other release from Tyrannus Records yet!
"The alliance with Tyrannus and Blood Harvest has been almost perfect. Always there are details that we want to improve, but in general terms everything is going very well with both labels. About their releases, we have to say that in some moment Tyrannus disappoint us with the edition of some non Metal bands / releases but also they have two amazing Black Metal bands / editions in their catalogue such as SLAUGHTBBATH’s “Pest Of Execration” and MALEDICTUM’s “Inhumana Muerte Negra”. In the other hand, Blood Harvest has edited mostly amazing stuff, among our favourites are “The 3rd Escape”, “Explosion Of Elements”, “Unchaining The Fevers And Plague”, “Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation”, “Chants Of Grim Death”, “Breed Deadness Blood”, “Black God Rising”, “Terra Necrosis”, “Recremation” and soon to be unleash “Tomb Of Infinite Ritual”!! Can’t wait for that LP!!"

“Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” was recorded during 2005 but still you promote it as your current recording. For me it looks like as you are a quite lazy band, haha. Probably as lazy as SADISTIC INTENT, HEADHUNTER D.C. to just mention a few. Hope you don’t mind this comparison?
"Not at all. Maybe, we are too methodical when we create our impious hymns and also the artwork concept must be to our liking. Surely, SADISTIC INTENT and HEADHUNTER D.C. think the same as us… Quality before quantity!"

‘Impious Death Metal’ is the brand of GODLESS’ music, and I hear influences from bands as the above mentioned SADISTIC INTENT and HEADHUNTER D.C. as well as influences of MORBID ANGEL (musically and lyrically if you ask me), early IMMOLATION and INCANTATION in your sound. How would you describe the sound of your music to some one outstanding?
"Probably as you describe us, but no band has influenced us lyrically!"

One thing which I recognized on your band GODLESS is that everything dealing with it is done with a huge dose of perfectionism. Sound of “Irreligiosus…” is fantastic, the layout of the double 7”EP is just awesome (one of the best layout for a 7”EP I have seen so far!!) and the tape version looks awesome, too. Which goals did you set for GODLESS? How far will you go?
"Great appreciation! The only goal is to satisfy our thirst for Death Metal and we will go so far as the GODLESS members keeps unite!"

Please tell something about the guy who was responsible for the layout of your “Irreligiosus…” recording called Self Desecrator. The drawings he did are amazing
"His drawings are more than amazing! We are very proud that our brother in pagan blood Daniel Self Desecrator participates in some way in the final results of “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante”. We know him a long time ago in a Black Metal ritual called Oscuricolocaust where his band, SLAUGHTBBATH, did participate. Then, while we were drinking some chalices full of Chilean wine I bought a copy of “The Unholy Wrath Of The Sacrilegious Reprisal” and I was really impressed about the hellustrations that he did for that demo. Then we talk about to work with us in the future, so it is done! Wait to see our new cover of our upcoming LP! Only Self Desecrator’s twisted mind can vomit something like that! All hail the most sulphuric handspawner of abominations!"

For me personally Chile is quite far away and therefore I wonder how you could see a chance for your band to get known worldwide. Internet makes many things easier for sure and myspace can support a band like yours a lot. But do you see a chance to get signed by a bigger Metal label to release your recordings all over the world or isn’t that what you are looking for at all?
"We are not interested in a worldwide recognition but only that the elite Death / Black Metal mass worshippers have access to our stuff. We are very proud of what we have reached till now and obviously that we are not looking for a bigger “Metal” label, in fact we did ignore a Relapse Records offering to make a split 7” with another “evil Death Metal band”… derisory not? Certainly that all REAL DEATH METAL act ignored this offering!!"

To be honest I don’t know so many Death Metal bands from Chile. Could you please tell something about the Chilean Metal and Death Metal scene in general? Which are the names worth to support?
"Because here in Chile, there aren’t any manifestations that embrace the REAL DEATH METAL essence! I can count them with my hands! Praise the stuff from UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, DEMONIC RAGE, MAGNANIMVS and ATOMIC AGGRESSOR… also THORNAFIRE, MELEKTAUS and TRIMEGISTO can be good additions."

What is Chile all about? How will you get treated as a Metal fan and Metal musician?
"Chile in a few words: we are a Republic supposedly ruled under a democratic government. Our geography is amazing and is characterized by his manifest contrasts and diversity: deserts, green valleys, coast, mountain chain, etc. The 70% of the population (or more than 10 millions) practises Catholicism even that the state doesn’t follow any clerical orders and supposedly respects all kinds of religions. The time has already passed in which they were treated us like in the inquisition, because they realized that we are not a heap of acephalous, but we are reflexive superiority entities."

The South American Death Metal scene had always a huge impression on me. Plenty of bands as the most famous SEPULTURA (not exactly calling them Death Metal), but also SARCOFAGO, HEADHUNTER D.C. or MORTEM to mention some have a good reputation world wide. What do you think about the South American scene?
"In honour to the truth, I am not interested in raise the flag of South American Metal scene, because I think that it’s the same that happen in the rest of the world, some deadly acts that really are (or were) into the bowels of Death/Black Metal and a lot bands that disrespectfully calling themselves “Death Metal” but sounding as all that new “Metal” crap!

Are there some bands reflecting to you the true way of playing Death Metal and representing the world wide Death Metal scene? Who are they and what makes them “Death Metal”?
"The groups that are reaching the Death Metal throne nowadays are: the already mentioned DEMONIC RAGE and UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, VOIDS OF VOMIT, HATESPAWN, BLOODY SIGN, FATHER BEFOULED, COFFIN TEXTS, NOMINON, BLASPHERIAN, NECROS CHRISTOS, KAAMOS, FUNEBRARUM, ERODED, INCRUST, DEAD CONGREGATION, IMPETUOUS RAGE, NECROVATION, among others.Why they deserve the elite Death Metal title? Simply because they born with the most obscure and aggressive feelings to create dark passages of Death and their praises reap as scythe all stillborn obsolescent messiahs."

As a Death Metal fan since approx. 20 years now I saw a lot of bands and especially trends come and go, nevertheless the Death Metal scene is one of the most loyal scenes I know. What do you think makes a Death Metal fan different to, let’s say, a Black or Power Metal fan?
"I don’t know any Power Metal fan yet (and I expect to know nobody into that style), so I have the impression that Death and Black Metal fans are equally loyal to their scenes."

How long are you active in the underground? Were you an active tape trader in the early nineties as many of us?
"I’m into the underground for almost 20 years, so you can imagine that the quantity of trades that I made in those years is not less. Maybe I was more passive in the first 4 years, but before that I was, I am and I will be a non stop trader!"

So far a couple of fanzines have already written reviews about your last release. How were the reactions from the fanzines up to this moment and how’s the reaction from the crowd? Did you also get a few interviews done yet?
"We did create “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” for us, but it’s very gratifying to read very enthusiastic reviews mainly from people that we don’t know personally, putting us in the apex of the Death Metal kingdom. The crowd’s reaction is almost the same. We already have answered some interviews, but we only answer it to the media that deserves some GODLESS declaration!"

Let me finish this interview to ask you for the most memorable moments in your Metal-life! What was / is from your point of view the best: demotape?
"DOMINUS – “Unchaining Ancient Black Prophecies”."

"GODLESS – “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante”."

"MORBID ANGEL – “Altars Of Madness”."

Live gig you ever saw?
"First, all Mega Therion 666 gigs, a Death / Black Metal offering that we organize. All of them awesome gigs, but mainly the fourth part was excellent. This one included FORCE OF DARKNESS, MAGNANIMVS, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN and GODLESS… imagine this combination! Another could be SUFFOCATION (2005) and SADISTIC INTENT (2007) in my country, simply amazing! And finally DOMINUS XUL, when they released their “The Primigeni Xul” CD among with GORHOTH, POEMA ARCANVS and others… it was their last live satanic performance!"

That’s it, Gioser! I guess it’s time to end this interview now. Thanks a lot for taking the time spending on answering my questions. I hope it didn’t bore you to death? The last words are, as usual, yours!
"Behold! Primacy of unsacredness: the dawning of our new sublime irreligious preeminence is at hand!"

Thomas Ehrmann

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