January 17, 2020

“Emanatism”, the debut album from French Black Metallers AMNUTSEBA, will be released on March 27, 2020 via Iron Bonehead Productions on CD and vinyl LP formats. The track ‘Dislumen’ is already available for streaming here. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Abstinence’, ‘Ungrund’, ‘.’, ‘Dislumen’ and ‘Tabula’. For additional info please visit www.facebook.com/ironboneheadproductions

Baltimore, Maryland based Death Metallers VISCERAL DISGORGE will re-release their debut album “Ingesting Putridity” on February 28, 2020 via Agonia Records. It has been remastered and will be available as digipak CD, vinyl LP (black, purple, red and splatter) and digitally. The band will embark on a North American tour with UK’s INGESTED on January 30, 2020. Special guests include THE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE, CABAL and SPLATTERED (selected dates only). For more band information and regular updates follow VISCERAL DISGORGE at www.facebook.com/visceraldisgorge

French Death / Grinders BENIGHTED have just revealed a first track of their upcoming new full length “Obscene Repressed”, which will be released on April 10, 2020 via Season Of Mist. You can already watch a lyric video for ‘Brutus’ here. All additional band info you will find at www.facebook.com/brutalbenighted

DRUADAN FOREST have just released a special edit of the new track ‘Tuhat Tähteä Ikuisuuden Viitassa’ at this location. It will appear on “Kingdoms Long Gone”, their split album with BANNWALD and URUK-HAI, which will be released on February 02, 2020 via Antiq on digipak CD and cassette tape formats. Ordering info you will find at www.antiqrecords.com or www.facebook.com/antiq.label

Bestial Invasion Records have just released “Burn With Me”, the debut of Brazilian blackend Speed Metallers HELL POISON. It features the following tracks: ‘Intro’, ‘Give Your Soul To Hell’, ‘Knives’, ‘Cross Upside Down’, ‘Mr Howdy’, ‘No Escape From Satan’s Curse’, ‘Backward Words Of Blasphemy’, ‘Mad Rats On The Run’ and ‘The Evil Invader (Tormenting The Virgin)’. Some tracks can be checked out over here. More about HELL POISON at www.facebook.com/speednhell

“Hermetik Heretik”, the second album of Rio based blackend Speed Metallers CULT OF HORROR, is out on Bestial Invasion Records now. The CD features the following songs: ‘Heretik’, ‘Philosophy Of A Knife’, ‘Murder By Witchcraft’, ‘Song For The Sick’, ‘Breed Of Cain’, ‘Hellfire Convent’, ‘Promethean Reign’, ‘Dead Slut Cumming’ and ‘Hermetik’. The album can be streamed at this location. More band information you will find at www.facebook.com/cultofhorror

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