January 19, 2023

On March 21, 2023 Purity Through Fire will release “Vulgäre, Deutsche Hassmusik”, the third full length from German Black Metallers EISENKULT, on CD, A5 digipak and cassette tape formats. The vinyl LP edition will follow later this year. The first advance track ‘Bizarr Und Erbärmlich’ can already be streamed at this location. The album’s full tracklist reads like this: ‘Anrufung’, ‘Der Teufel Hat’s Gesandt’, ‘Bizarr Und Erbärmlich’, ‘Da Ist Nichts’, ‘Tränensäufer’, ‘Wer Schlug Deinen Abel Tot?’, ‘Te Deum’, ‘Niederes Gewürm’, ‘Gnadenwille’ and ‘Sendung Und Segen’. More about EISENKULT at www.facebook.com/eisenkult

“Feuerwalze”, the fourth full length from Sacramento, California based Black Metal duo MINENWERFER, will be released via Osmose Productions on March 10, 2023 on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Cemetery Fields’, ‘Feuerwalze’, ‘Eternal Attrition’, ‘Nachtschreck’, ‘Sturmtruppen III (Sommekämpfer)’, ‘Shrapnel Exsanguination’ and ‘Labyrinthine Trench Sectors’. For more info and regular updates please follow MINENWERFER at www.facebook.com/minenwerfer

“Lamentation Of Immolated Souls”, the debut full length from Chile’s Death Metallers SEPULCRUM, will be released via Chaos Records, in co-operation with Canometal Records and Burning Coffin Records, on March 17, 2023 on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Orbital Teratoma’, ‘Schizophrenic Amputation’, ‘Lamentation Of Immolated Souls’, ‘The Decay’, ‘Legion’s Mandate’, ‘Arousing The Putrid Flesh’, ‘Slitting Coagulated Mess’, ‘Caustic Inhalation’, ‘Sick Delusion’ and ‘Traumatized By Insanity’. You can already listen to ‘Schizophrenic Amputation’ over here. A full stream of the band’s debut EP “Corpse Dividing Holes” from 2020 can be found at https://sepulcrumdm.bandcamp.com

French Death Metallers CATACOMB will release their debut full length “When The Stars Are Right” on 12″ LP, CD, cassette tape and digitally on March 23, 2023 via Xtreem Music. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘The Kings Of Edom’, ‘Ruler Of This World’, ‘Servants Of The Old Ones’, ‘Waiting For The Stars’, ‘The Great Dreamer’, ‘Black Goat’, ‘In Your Blasphemous Name’, ‘Crawling Chaos’, ‘Blind Idiot God’ and ‘Chapel Of Ghouls’ (MORBID ANGEL cover). The first advance single ‘Waiting For The Stars’ can already be streamed at this location. For all additional CATACOMB info please visit www.facebook.com/catacombcult

Vancouver based Death Metal duo CROWN OF MADNESS has just released a lyric video for ‘A Wrenching Nostalgia’ over here. The song will be featured on their upcoming second EP “Elemental Binding”, which will be released on February 23, 2023. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Immortal Eyes’, ‘A Wrenching Nostalgia’, ‘Roots, Limbs And Sky’ and ‘Vile Sun’. All further information you will find at www.facebook.com/crownofmadnessmetal

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