January 20, 2023

San Diego, California based Death Metal four-piece CONJURETH is streaming their upcoming sophomore full length “The Parasitic Chambers” in its entirety at this location now. The cover artwork was created by Erskine Designs. The album will be released on January 23, 2023 via Memento Mori. More CONJURETH info you will find at www.facebook.com/conjureth

Finnish Death Metallers TRAMALIZER have just revealed a second song from their upcoming debut full length “Fumes Of Funeral Pyres”. You can stream ‘The Rostov Ripper’ at this location. The album will be released via Soulseller Records on February 17, 2023 on CD, vinyl and digitally. The cover artwork was created by Niko Partanen. Here’s the complete “Fumes Of Funeral Pyres” tracklist: ‘Tramalized’, ‘Point Of No Turning Back’, ‘Hating God’, ‘As They Are Put To Sleep’, ‘Curse Of The Lake Drag’, ‘Gift’, ‘Fumes Of Funeral Pyres’, ‘Looking For Reality’, ‘Plain Evil’, ‘The Rostov Ripper’ and ‘At The Night Of Feast’. More TRAMALIZER info you will find at www.facebook.com/tramalizer

Norwegian Black Metallers TULUS have just premiered ‘Snømyrkre’, the second single from their upcoming seventh full-length “Fandens Kall”, over here. The album will be released via Soulseller Records on February 17, 2023 on CD, vinyl and digitally. It was recorded and mixed at H-10 Productions by Lars Erik Westby, mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering and features guest appearances of Anders Hunstad (keyboards), Lars Erik Westby (piano) and Lena Fløitmoen (female vocals). The cover artwork was created by Kjell Åge Meland. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Fandens Kall’, ‘Lek’, ‘Slagmark’, ‘Allstøtt’, ‘Isråk’, ‘Samuelsbrenna’, ‘Sjelesmerte’, ‘Bloddråpesvermer’, ‘Snømyrkre’ and ‘Barfrost’. All additional TULUS information you will find at www.facebook.com/tulusband

Norwegian Black / Viking Metallers UBUREN have just released their new album “Usurp The Throne” on vinyl LP, digipak CD and digitally via Dusktone. You can watch a video of the song ‘When The River Breaks’ at this location. The album was recorded at Fuck It I’ll Do It Myself Studio, mixed and mastered by Ask Kjetilson and the artwork was supplied by Bharaduur. A full album stream is available over here. For all further UBUREN info check out www.facebook.com/uburen

“Cursedness Of The Cinder Witch”, the latest album from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based Black / Thrash Metallers BLOOD STORM, is also out now as a limited edition cassette tape (red shell) via Necroharmonic Productions / Rotter Records. It was originally released on CD and digitally via Barbarian Wrath last year. The album features the following tracks: ‘Chaotic Exile’, ‘Mundane Havoc’, ‘Nefarious Pact’, ‘The Separation’, ‘The Hungering Emptiness’, ‘Saffron Harlot Of The Nightside’, ‘Futile Obsession’, ‘The Penanggalan’ and ‘Terror Inversion’. The artwork was created by Morkh aka Alex Shadrin. For more BLOOD STORM information please visit www.facebook.com/bloodstormcult

“Tomb Of Morbid Stench”, the 2019 demo from Houston, Texas based Death Metallers CEMETARIAN, has been released on CD via Necroharmonic Productions with two additional bonus tracks. Here’s the full tracklist of the CD: ‘Expulsed From The Netherworld’, ‘Malformed Deity’, ‘Tomb Of Morbid Stench’, ‘Eroded Altar Of Mortality’ (bonus track, not on the cassette versions) and ‘Discarded And Dismembered’ (bonus track from the band’s split EP with ABSCONDER). You can stream the three original demo tracks at https://cemetariantx.bandcamp.com

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