July 06, 2020

“Unyielding / Unseeing”, the debut album from Belgian / Dutch / French Black Metallers SILVER KNIFE, will be released via Amor Fati Productions on August 19, 2020 on CD and vinyl LP formats. The vinyl version will be co-released by Entropic Recordings, while the CD version shall be released by Amor Fati alone. The track ‘Conjuring Traces’ is already available for streaming here. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Unyielding’, ‘This Numinous Loom’, ‘Silver & Red’, ‘Unseeing’, ‘Conjuring Traces’ and ‘Sundown’. More info you will find at www.amor-fati-productions.de or www.facebook.com/amorfatiprod

On September 11, 2020 The Sinister Flame will release “In The Sign Of The Five Angles”, the debut album from German Black Metallers STYGIAN TEMPLE, on vinyl LP format for the first time ever. It was originally released on CD format in 2016. The following tracks appear on it: ‘Intro’, ‘Soli Deo Gloria’, ‘Cathartic Nimbus’, ‘The Great Cosmic Void’, ‘Verbum Dei’, ‘In The Sign Of The Five Angles’ and ‘Dominion Of The Trident’. Selected tracks from the album can be checked out here. Dark Descent Records will handle the US distribution. For more information please visit www.thesinisterflame.com or www.facebook.com/thesinisterflame

‘Blackfield’, the first single from the upcoming FROSTVORE (Tokyo / Japan) debut full length “Drowned By Blood”, is available for streaming at this location now. The album will be released via Testimony Records on August 28, 2020. More about FROSTVORE at www.facebook.com/frostvorejapan

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