July 12, 2022

On August 15, 2022 Amor Fati Productions will release the debut albums of two Flemish Black Metal solo projects AERDRYK and OERHEKS, “With Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid” and “Cagghenvinna” respectively, on vinyl LP format. “With Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid” will feature the following tracks: ‘Mijn Boetedoening’, ‘Kruisweg’, ‘De Modderige Paden’, ‘Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid’, ‘De Rode Klauwen’, ‘Berouw’ and ‘Doodgeboren’, while the tracklist of “Cagghenvinna” reads as follows: ‘Door Doornen Overtogen’, ‘Transmutatie Tot Het Edele’, ‘De Oude Eik & Eindigende Lust’, ‘Doorheen De Demervallei’ and ‘Stilte, Deel Één: Een Storm Der Tijd’. For all addtional info please visit www.amor-fati-productions.de or www.facebook.com/amorfatiprod

German melodic Death Metallers BATTLESWORD will release their new album “Towards The Unknown” on September 16, 2022 via MDD Records. It was recorded in April / May 2022 at Big Easy Studio in Hennef, Germany and the mastering was done by Dan Swanö. As a bonus the album will also include the songs from the “The 13th Black Crusade” EP, which has been out of print for many years, and which were also remastered by Dan Swanö for this purpose. More about BATTLESWORD at www.facebook.com/battleswordofficial

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