July 17, 2023

On September 15, 2023 Personal Records will re-release “Extinguishing The Flame Of Life”, the debut full length of Sweden’s Black Metallers PERVERTICON, on CD format. You can stream the album in its entirety at this location. For more info please visit PERVERTICON at www.facebook.com/pvcult

Stockholm, Sweden based old school Thrashers ETERNAL EVIL will release their sophomore full length “The Gates Beyond Mortality” via Listenable Records in October 2023. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Depths A Of A New Eternity’, ‘Guerilla Warfare’, ‘The Gates Beyond Mortality’, ‘Funeral Prayers’, ‘Signs Of Ancient Sin’, ‘Desecration Of Light’, ‘The Astral Below’, ‘Immolation’ and ‘The Cursed Trilogy’. All additional ETERNAL EVIL information you will find at www.facebook.com/eternalevil666

Philadelphia’s Death Metallers HORRENDOUS have just revealed another track from their upcoming new album “Ontological Mysterium”. You can stream ‘Preterition Hymn’ over here. The band commented on it as follows: “‘Preterition Hymn’ is a lament for the weary and the damned–those who, like in the myth of Tantalus, can glimpse the golden fruits of knowledge and divinity yet are kept perpetually just out of reach by the tides of misfortune and fate. It is a hymn of longing infused with the faintest hope that our misery is merely the cleansing ablution necessary to don the robe of flames, free at last.” The cover artwork for “Ontological Mysterium” was created by Brian Smith and the full tracklist reads as follows: ‘The Blaze’, ‘Chrysopoeia (The Archaeology Of Dawn)’, ‘Neon Leviathan’, ‘Aurora Neoterica’, ‘Preterition Hymn’, ‘Cult Of Shaad’oah’, ‘Exeg(En)Esis’, ‘Ontological Mysterium’ and ‘The Death Knell Ringeth’. The album will be released on August 18, 2023 via Season Of Mist. You can follow HORRENDOUS at www.facebook.com/horrendousdeathmetal

On September 08, 2023 AOP Records will release “Jenseits”, a new mini album from German Post Black Metallers FINSTERFORST, on digipak CD and 12″ vinyl formats. It will feature the following four tracks: ‘Kapitel I – Freiheit’, ‘Kapitel II – Dualitaet’, ‘Kapitel III – Reflexionen’ and ‘Kapitel IV – Katharsis’. You can already check out the opener ‘Kapitel I: Freiheit’ at this location. The “Jenseits” cover artwork was created by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich. More band info you will find at www.finsterforst.de

“We Have Proved Death”, the sophomore full-length of Czech Black Metallers SOMNIATE, is out now via Lavadome Productions. It was mixed and mastered by V. Santura (TRIPTYKON / DARK FORTRESS) and the lyrics are based on the utopian short book “In Watermelon Sugar”, written in 1964 by Richard G. Brautigan (1935-1984). A full album stream you will find over here. For all additional SOMNIATE information please visit www.facebook.com/somniateofficial

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