June 05, 2023

Norwegian Black Metallers ETERNITY will release their third full length “Mundicide” on July 07, 2023 via Soulseller Records. The band has just issued the track ‘Hymn’ at this location. The previously revealed ‘Journey Towards The Darkside’ is still available over here. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Journey Towards The Darkside’, ‘Under The Gaze Of The King’, ‘Mundicide’, ‘Hymn’, ‘Gunmetal Sky’, ‘Pest! Frykten I Den Andres Øye’, ‘O Discordia’ and ‘The Seventh Seal’. The “Mundicide” cover artwork was created by Maggotmeister Of All Things Rotten. For more ETERNITY info please visit www.facebook.com/eternitynorway

On August 11, 2023 Iron Bonehead Productions will release “Shores Of Nastrond”, the fifth full length from Australian Pagan Black Metallers RUNESPELL, on CD and vinyl LP formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Mirrors Of The Dead’, ‘Elemental Fires’, ‘Spectres Of War’, ‘Unfurled Night’, ‘Shores Of Nastrond’ and ‘Vigirdr Fields’. You can already check out the album opener over here. More RUNESPELL you will find at https://instagram.com/runespellofficial

On June 06, 2023 Trauma Records will release the international CD version of “Bestial Oculta”, the debut full length from Chile, South America based female fronted Speed Metallers LETALIS, limited to 500 copies. The album was originally self-released by the band in September 2022 on 300 CDs and 200 cassette tapes. Both versions are currently sold out. A full album stream you will find at this location. More about LETALIS at www.facebook.com/letalis.speedmetal. For ordering details please visit http://bellsoftrauma.blogspot.com or contact traumarkhan@hotmail.com

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