June 12, 2020

British Death Metallers DECREPID have just released a lyric video for ‘Plagued By Mortality’ over here. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming third album “Endless Sea Of Graves”, which will be released on July 07, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD format. For more information visit DECREPID at www.facebook.com/decrepid

Tampa, Florida based blackened Death Metallers INSATANITY will release their new full-length “Hymns Of The Gods Before” on June 19, 2020 via CDN Records. It is the band’s first album since 1996’s “Divine Decomposition”. A lyric video for the first single ‘Ashes Of The Apostle’ is already available at this location. The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Seed Of Baal’, ‘Ashes Of The Apostle’, ‘Whose Hand Embalms’, ‘Demons Within Creation’, ‘Upon The Ivory Throne’, ‘Cross Of Deception’, ‘Eidolon Of The Blind’, ‘Trail Of Terror’ and ‘When Satan Rules His World’ (DEICIDE cover, bonus track). The cover art was created by Gaung Yang at Confessional Studio. For all additional INSATANITY info, check out www.facebook.com/insatanityofficial

Chilean Death Metallers SOULROT have just premiered a new track entitled ‘All That Remains’ over here. It will appear on the upcoming second SOULROT album “Victims Of Spiritual Warfare”, which will be released on July 27, 2020 via Memento Mori. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘La Doctrina De Los Malnacidos’, ‘Nihilistic Automata’, ‘Buried Alive’, ‘I, Master’, ‘Perpetual Warfare’, ‘God Forsaken’, ‘Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto’, ‘Chainsaw Worship Hymn’, ‘Protect The Coven’, ‘Evolutive Slaves’, ‘All That Remains’, ‘Nameless Ritual’, ‘Hideous Manifestation’, ‘What Destroys You, Makes Us Stronger’ and ‘Aquelarre’. The album was mastered by Javier Felez at Moontower Studios and the cover artwork was created by Cesar Valladares. More SOULROT at www.facebook.com/soulrotchile or https://soulrot.bandcamp.com

On August 07, 2020 Me Saco Un Ojo Records in co-operation with Dark Descent Records will release “Speciation”, the second album from Australian Death Metallers FACELESS BURIAL, on vinyl, CD, cassette and digitally. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Worship’, ‘Limbic Infirmary’, ‘Irreparably Corpsed’, ‘Speciation’, ‘Spuming Catarrhal Gruel’ and ‘Ravished To The Unknown’. More about FACELESS BURIAL at www.facebook.com/facelessburial

Osnabrück, Germany based PANZER SQUAD have just released a self-titled 7″ EP via Lycanthropic Chants. It features four exclusive tracks and is available as a regular edition (200 copies, black vinyl with b/w labels and 300 g/m² fold out inlay) and special edition (100 copies, black vinyl with kraft paper coloured labels and 350 g/m² brown kraft paper fold out inlay). Both versions are housed in black inner sleeves and include a free digital download code. You can listen to one of the EP tracks at this location. Ordering details you will find at www.lycanthropic.de. More band info is available at www.facebook.com/panzersquadthrash

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