June 16, 2023

On August 04, 2023 Eternal Death will release “The Howling Gale”, a Black Metal split album with the two Providence, Rhode Island bands ANCIENT TORMENT and HAXEN, on CD format. Timeworn Records will be releasing the cassette tape version. ANCIENT TORMENT will be featured with the tracks ‘A Solitary Grave Illuminated By The Light Of The Morningstar’ and ‘Outlaw Cleansed Waters’. HAXEN complete the release with ‘Blood On The Fire’, ‘Cave And Solitude’ and ‘Black Eyes Of Dog’. A track from each band can already be streamed over here https://eternaldeath.bandcamp.com.

Gothenburg, Sweden based young Thrashers HOSTILIA will have a new release out on June 30, 2023. It is entitled “Atomic Thunder EP” and features a cover artwork by Niklas Sundin (ex – DARK TRANQUILLITY / Cabin Fever Media). The songs are about environmental dystopia, a 19th century murder mystery and the great feeling of going berserk at metal shows – which includes a homage to the 1985 Schwarzenegger movie “Commando”. More info you will find at www.facebook.com/hostiliathrash

On July 21, 2023 Edged Circle Productions will release “Lord Of Sickness And Bile”, a new two-song 7″ EP from Swedish / Canadian Death Metallers DARKENED, on 7″ vinyl format. It comes on black and white vinyl with exclusive embroidered logo patch and will feature the songs ‘Steal-Kill-Destroy’ and ‘Archaic Wounds’. The latter you can already check out at this location. It is the first DARKENED recording with new drummer Perra Karlsson (PERRACIDE, NOMINON, IN AETERNUM, DREADFUL FATE), who replaced Andy Whale (ex – BOLT THROWER, ex – MEMORIAM). The artwork was created by Juanjo Castellano. More DARKENED info you will find at www.facebook.com/darkeneddeathmetal

Italy’s Avantgarde, one-man Black Metal band HIEMS (featuring songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alessandro “Algol” Comerio) will release its third full length “Stranger In A Wasteland” on September 08, 2023 via Agonia Records on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats. The material was recorded at Elfo Studio (FORGOTTEN TOMB), engineered by Daniele Mandelli and mixed and produced by Daniele Mandelli and Alessandro “Algol” Comerio. The album was mastered at La Maestà Studio (MUSE) by Giovanni Versari and comes with artwork by Adam Burke (SOLSTAFIR, ENFORCER). Layout illustrations (medieval engravings) were provided by Davide Schileo. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘A Night On The Bare Mountain’, ‘Death Unites Us’, ‘Master Of Lies’, ‘March!’, ‘The Rites Of Terror’, ‘Bereavement’, ‘Better Off Dead’, ‘Stranger In A Wasteland’ and ‘Quietus’. All additional HIEMS info you will find at www.facebook.com/hiemsofficial

“Grebbeberg”, the seventh full length from Black Metallers SAMMATH, will be released via Hammerheart Records today. It is available on CD, vinyl LP, cassette tape and digitally. A full album stream you will find over here. For all further SAMMATH information check out www.facebook.com/sammath666

German Pagan Black / Death Metallers HELGRINDUR have just finished work on their new album. It was recorded and produced at 4CN Studio and will be released via MDD Records in autumn this year. Regular updates you will find at www.facebook.com/helgrindur

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