June 22, 2020

Finnish Black Metallers GLOOM are streaming their upcoming debut album “Rider Of The Last Light” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on June 26, 2020 via Spread Evil Productions. For all further info please visit www.spreadevil.net or www.facebook.com/spreadevilproductions

On August 06, 2020 Lunar Apparitions (a division of Nebular Carcoma) will re-release “VVitchblood”, the second full length from Canadian Black Metallers BAŠMU, on CD format. You can stream the album track ‘The Crooked Wand Of The Ophidian Craft’ here. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘VVitchblood’, ‘Majestic Serpentine Temples’, ‘Crimson Eyes Of Djinn’, ‘Binding Of Shadow Spirits’, ‘The Crooked Wand Of The Ophidian Craft’, ‘The Demonic Oath’, ‘Crystalline Prison Of Souls’ and ‘Dimension Of Agony’. More BAŠMU at https://basmu.bandcamp.com

Transylvanian / Hungarian Black Metallers DEATH NÖIZE will release their third full length “Rites, Curses And Spells” on limited 12″ LP (250 copies) in August 2020 via Bestial Burst / Metal Ör Die Records / Deathlike Noise Productions. Harald Mentor (RIDE FOR REVENGE) has contributed guest leads to the album. A teaser video can already be checked out here. More DEATH NÖIZE you will find at https://deathnoize.bandcamp.com or www.facebook.com/noizeovdeath

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