March 03, 2023

US Black Metallers VREDENSDAL have just released a second single from their upcoming new album “Sonic Devotion To Darkness”. You can check out ‘Nightgrasp’ at this location. The album will be released via Soulseller Records on March 31, 2023. It features the following tracks: ‘Between Worlds’, ‘The Chaos Rite’, ‘The Eye In The Well’, ‘Nightgrasp’, ‘Sonic Devotion To Darkness’, ‘Cyclical Despondancy’, ‘Svøpt I Blod’, ‘My Right To The Throne’ and ‘Eyes Glowing Black’. The cover artwork was created by Marek Soszynski. More about VREDENSDAL at

Polish Black Metal project ZØRORMR will release their new full length “The Monolith” on March 24, 2023 on CD and digitally through Via Nocturna. It was produced by Arkadiusz “Aro” Jabłoński at Monroe Sound Studio (MASACHIST, VESANIA). The guitars, bass and vocals were recorded by Moloch at Red Dragon Studio in Opole and the drums were recorded by Łukasz “Icanraz” Sarnacki at Dobra 12 Studio in Bialystok. Przemysław “Quazarre” Olbryt from DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS played guitar on the album. The cover artwork was created by Paweł Kuranda. The following tracks will be featured on “The Monolith”: ‘The Monolith’, ‘Downward Spiral’, ‘Hollow’, ‘I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream’, ‘The Pentagram’, ‘Return To Nothingness’, ‘Per Aspera, Ad Astra’ and ‘Enter The Void’. You can already listen to ‘The Pentagram’ over here. For all further info please visit

French Death Metallers ATHANATHEOS will release their third full-length “Cross. Deny. Glorify.” on April 14, 2023 via Lavadome Productions. It was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered from July 2019 to December 2022 at the Atheistic Dungeon by Samuel Girard. The cover artwork is a painting by Giulio Romano (1524, “The Battle Of The Milvian Bridge”). The following tracks will be featured on the album: ‘The Cross’, ‘You Were Not’, ‘Credo Quia Absurdum’, ‘They Are Spreading the Pestilence’, ‘To Deny’, ‘The Silent Oblivion’, ‘Witness’, ‘Rise of Terror, Rise Of Intolerance’ and ‘To Glorify’. You can already check out ‘The Silent Oblivion’ at this location. For all additional ATHANATHEOS information check out

British Black Metallers OLD FOREST have just revealed a second song from their upcoming new full-length “Sutwyke”. You can stream ‘Zodiac Of War’ at this location. A video for ‘Faust Recants (Satan Cometh)’ is furthermore available over here. The full tracklist of “Sutwyke” reads as follows: ‘Faust Recants (Satan Cometh)’, ‘Black Hearts Of Sutwyke’, ‘Zodiac Of War’, ‘Winter Years Begin’, ‘Master Of Arachnids’, ‘Witch Of Prague Pt. 1’, ‘Witch Of Prague Pt. 2’ and ‘Effigies To The Flames’. The album was mixed by Florian Dammasch at Nightside Studios in Germany and the cover artwork is a wood engraving by Robert Paterson. “Sutwyke” will be released on March 31, 2023 via Soulseller Records. More band info you will find at

German Speed / Thrash Metallers INTÖXICATED will release their new album “Sadistic Nightmares” on May 05, 2023 via MDD Records. It was recorded and produced by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Recording and the cover artwork was created by Dark Dungeons Atelier. For all further information please visit the band at

German blackened Speed Metal Punks LUCIFUGE have just premiered the track ‘Before The Altar Of Famine And Desire’ at this location. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming fifth full length “Monoliths Of Wrath”, which will be released on April 28, 2023 via Dying Victims Productions. The previously revealed ‘From Cosmos To Chaos’ can still be streamed over here. The complete “Monoliths Of Wrath” tracklist reads like this: ‘From Cosmos To Chaos’, ‘The Cult Of Infinity’, ‘Before The Altar Of Famine And Desire’, ‘Visions Of Death’, ‘Enemies Of The Sun’, ‘Dissolving Into God’, ‘The Art Of Putrescence’, ‘Resources Of Self Destruction’, ‘Physiognomy Of Failure’, ‘The Path To Perdition’ and ‘Delirium And Debauchery’ (CD bonus track). More about LUCIFUGE at

Finnish melancholic melodic Death Metallers ENDLESS CHAIN are currently working on their second full length, which is scheduled for a late 2023 release. A lyric video for the first single ‘Until No One Comes’ can already be watched over here. For regular updates please follow the band at

Finnish Dark Metallers KUOLEMAN GALLERIA will release their fourth full length “Pedon Synty” on March 24, 2023 via Inverse Records. A lyric video for the third and final single ‘Sieluvaras’ is available at this location now. All additional KUOLEMAN GALLERIA information you will find at

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