March 04, 2022

On April 15, 2022 Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Dark Descent Records will co-release a new split album between Japan’s ANATOMIA and Denmark’s UNDERGANG on vinyl LP and CD formats, respectively. It will feature the following tracks: ANATOMIA – ‘Total Darkness’ and ‘Bound To Death’, UNDERGANG – ‘Helt Til Rotterne’, ‘I Dit Stiveste Pus’ and ‘Taksidermi’. You can already stream ANATOMIA’s ‘Bound To Death’ and UNDERGANG’s ‘Helt Til Rotterne’ at this location. More band info you will find at,

Slovenian experimental Black Metal duo SNØGG has just released their concept album “Dan, Ko Je Vrag Vzel Šalo” today on CD (the digital release was already available on March 01, 2022). It was recorded and produced at Studio Šiška, Ljubljana by Simon Penšek and SNØGG. You can stream the single ‘Dan, Ko Je Vrag Vzel Šalo’ over here. All additional info you will find at

Stockholm, Sweden based symphonic Black Metallers KATHAROS will release their new album “Of Lineages Long Forgotten” on May 13, 2022 on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Willowtip Records. The album’s first single ‘The World Serpent’s Marrow’ is already streaming at this location. “Of Lineages Long Forgotten” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio (MAYHEM, WATAIN et al.) and will feature the following songs: ‘Those Hornclad’, ‘Feigned Retreat’, ‘Of Lineages Long Forgotten’, ‘The World Serpent’s Marrow’, ‘Lay Yersinian Siege’, ‘I Waged War’ and ‘Most Dread Portent’. Backing vocals were contributed by Robin “Rob the slob” Westlund from REPUKED and the artwork was created by Eliran Kantor. You can follow KATHAROS at

Italian Horror Death Metal band TENEBRO will release their debut full length “L’Inizio Di Un Incubo” on May 03, 2022 via Xtreem Music on CD, 12″LP, cassette tape and digitally. You can already check out the album track ‘Dèmoni’ over here. The complete “L’Inizio Di Un Incubo” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Quella È La Villa’, ‘Ultima Tomba’, ‘Necrofilia’, ‘L’Imbalsamazione Dell’Amore’, ‘Brucia Strega!’, ‘I Morti Richiamati In Vita’, ‘Il Killer Del Rasoio’, ‘Sporca, Lurida, Puttana’, ‘Orrore Nel Castello Del Barone’, ‘Dèmoni’ and ‘L’Inizio Di Un Incubo’. TENEBRO previously released a 3-song EP called “Liberaci Dal Male” on cassette tape format in late December 2020, which was re-released on CD together with the band’s “Demo 2019” in February 2021 through Xtreem Music. More TENEBRO at

French blackened Death Metal band MESSE MORTUAIRE will release their debut EP “Nocturnal Demonic Visitation” via Repulsive Echo Records later this year. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Nocturnal Demonic Visitation’, ‘Vampirum Spectrum’ and ‘Filius Diaboli’. You can already listen to the EP opener / title track at

“Still As The Night, Cold As The Wind”, the debut full length from Vancouver, Canada based Black Metallers VITAL SPIRIT, will be released via Vendetta Records, in co-operation with Hidden Tribe, on May 06, 2022 on CD and cassette tape versions respectively. A vinyl edition will follow later this year via Vendetta as well. It was produced by Tim Creviston (who already produced the band’s first EP) and mixed by Colby Hink. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Blood And Smoke’, ‘Bad Hand’, ‘Dawn Of Liberty’, ‘The Long Walk’, ‘Withering Fire’, ‘Saccharine Sky’, ‘White Eyes’ and ‘Lord Of The Plains’. ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ is already available for streaming at

Basque Country (Spain) based Death Metallers PESTILENGTH are streaming their upcoming second full length “Basom Gryphos” in its entirety at this location now. It was recorded in August 2021 at Eclectic Studios and mixed and mastered by X. The album will be released on March 07, 2022 via Nuclear Winter Records on CD. The vinyl version will be co-released via Sentient Ruin, while the tape version will be co-released through Goat Throne. For more PESTILENGTH check out

Japanese Thrashers SURVIVE will release their first live album “Live At Death Valley” on May 04, 2022 via Pest Records. The CD version will feature 8 tracks plus a bonus EP made of 4 tracks, one of them featuring Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (VENOM INC.) as special guest. The complete “Live At Death Valley” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Degenerate’, ‘Wrath’, ‘Fuck Against Authority’, ‘Obey Your Own Army Corps’, ‘Rules Of Lies’, ‘Immortal Warriors’, ‘Human Misery’ and ‘The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will’. The bonus tracks from EP “The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will” are: ‘The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will’ (featuring Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan), ‘Rules Of Lies’ (Orchestral Version), ‘Seize The Victory’ and ‘The Road To Hell Is Paved By Good Will’ (Live at Club Citta Metallization Festival 2020). Here’s what Mantas from VENOM INC. had to say about SURVIVE’s live potential: “I had the pleasure and honor of touring Europe with SURVIVE and they proved themselves to be a valuable asset to the touring package. I can say without hesitation or reservations that they were most definitely my favorite band on the tour. Incredibly nice and gracious guys who obviously loved their music and delivered every single night. I gave them the nickname ‘The Japanese Machine Head’ a song that they played at every sound check became the tour anthem because of its wonderful chorus structure. Melody, hook lines and brutally heavy guitar riffs define this amazing band who deserve global recognition. Maximum Respect from Jeff (Mantas).” For more band information please visit

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