March 08, 2023

Costa Rica based Death Metallers ASTRIFEROUS will release their debut full length “Pulsations From The Black Orb” on March 10, 2023 via Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl version) in co-operation with Pulverised Records (CD version). It will feature the following tracks: ‘Intro (The Black Orb)’, ‘Blinding The Seven Eyes Of God’, ‘Teleport Haze’, ‘Metasymbiosis’, ‘Forlorn And Immemorial’, ‘Ominous And Malevolent’, ‘Lunomancy’ and ‘Symmetries That Should Not Be’. A full album stream is available over here. For more ASTRIFEROUS please visit

On May 26, 2023 Dying Victims Productions will release the sophomore full length from Germany’s blackened Thrashers SPEEDWHORE, “Visions Of A Parallel World”, on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Matriarch’, ‘Lion’s Gate’, ‘Clutch Of The Sea’, ‘Hologram’, ‘Golgotha’, ‘Heir To The Ruby Throne’, ‘Decrypted Prophecies’, ‘The Last Bulwark Of Man’ and ‘Visions Of A Parallel World’. You can already stream the album opener ‘Matriarch’ at this location. More SPEEDWHORE information you will find at

Finnish Grinders ROTTEN SOUND have just revealed a video for ‘Renewables’ over here. The song is featured on the band’s upcoming new album “Apocalypse”, which will be released on March 31, 2023 via Season Of Mist. For all additional ROTTEN SOUND information please visit

“Invicta Mori”, the upcoming third album from Houston Texas based Industrial Doom / Deathers SAVIORSKIN will be released via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on April 07, 2023 on CD and digital formats. The album’s first single ‘Sycophant’, which features Marc Grewe (ex – MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE) on vocals, can already be checked out at this location. The complete tracklist of “Invicta Mori” reads as follows: ‘Iconoclast’, ‘Judaswhore’, ‘Lost In Prayer’, ‘Martyrdom’, ‘King Misery’, ‘Away’, ‘Burning Eden’, ‘Nowhere’, ‘Sycophant’, ‘DoomFather’, ‘Born Of The Shallow’, ’47 Nails’ and ‘Orgasmatron (live)’. All further SAVIORSKIN info you will find at

Swedish Death Metallers THE GRIFTED have just premiered the track ‘The Maggots Feast’ over here. It will be featured on the band’s debut full length “Doomsday & Salvation”, which will be released on April 07, 2023 via Personal Records. The previously revealed ‘Fractured’ can still be streamed at this location. Here’s the complete “Doomsday & Salvation” tracklist: ‘Fractured’, ‘Behind Me In Ruins’, ‘Closure’, ‘Bleed Before My Eyes’, ‘The Maggots Feast’, ‘This Place Of Madness’, ‘Days Of The End’, ‘When A Phoenix Dies’, ‘Hope For Death’, ‘You Will Never Live’ and ‘Doomsday And Salvation’. You can follow THE GRIFTED at

International Funeral Doom / Death Metallers MESMUR will release their fourth full length “Chthonic” via Solitude Productions, in co-operation with Aesthetic Death, on digi CD on April 14, 2023, with plans for a vinyl release later. It features viola and cello performances from Brianne Vieira and guest organ from Kostas Panagiotou of UK Funeral Doom Metallers PANTHEIST. The cover artwork was created by Ukrainian painter Vladislav Cadaversky. The following tracks will be featured on “Chthonic”: ‘Chthonic (Prelude)’, ‘Refraction’, ‘Petroglyph’, ‘Passage’ and ‘Chthonic (Coda)’. More about MESMUR at

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