March 13, 2023

American Black Metallers SEVER have just premiered the track ‘Lunar Sacrifice’ at this location. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut full length “At Midnight, By Torch Light”, which will be released on April 14, 2023 via Iron Bonehead Productions. The previously revealed ‘Abyssonaut’ can still be streamed over here. Here’s the complete “At Midnight, By Torch Light” tracklist: ‘Abyssonaut’, ‘Lunar Sacrifice’, ‘Sunset In The West’, ‘Hammer Of Vengeance’, ‘At Midnight, By Torch Light’ and ‘Eastern Boar’. All further information you will find at

On May 26, 2023 Soulseller Records will release “I Helvetes Forakt”, the fourth full length from Bergen, Norway based Black Metallers NATTVERD. Here’s the complete tracklist already: ‘Det Stormer I Norge’, ‘Vandring I Elver Av Blod’, ‘En Poesende Eim I Vinden’, ‘Oeyne I Natten’, ‘Forbannet Vaere’, ‘Helvete Kjenner Alt, Selv Naar Taaken Har Lagt Seg’, ‘En Gammel Kriger Trosser Vind Og Vaer’, ‘Gudsforlatt’, ‘Elvedjuvet’ and ‘I Moerke Skip Innover’. Regular updates you will find at

Dublin, Ireland based Black / Death / Avantgarde Metal band MOLEKH will release their debut full-length “Ritus” via Pale Ghoul Recordings (cassette tape) and Bent Window Records (CD). The album was recorded by Shauny Cads at Hellfire Studio (ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, DREAD SOVEREIGN, MALTHUSIAN) and mixed by Shauny Cads at Last Light Recordings. Haldor Grunberg (AZARATH, BEHEMOTH) was responsible for mastering and the cover artwork was created by Krzysztof Wronski Artwork (ROSK, THE THRONE). The following tracks will be featured on “Ritus”: ‘Yetzer Hara’, ‘Cruor Innocentia’, ‘Possessionem’, ‘Ritus’, ‘Vocare Pulvere’, ‘Abyssus’ and ‘Incubus’. You can already watch a video for ‘Vocare Pulvere’ over here. More band info you will find at

“Hades”, the debut full length from Russian Black Metal three-piece THANATOMASS, will be released via Living Temple Records on May 12, 2023. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Katabasis (Intromass)’, ‘Templvm Carnalis / Vomit Ceremony’, ‘Gravedance Sabbath’, ‘Living Tombs Of Tartaros’, ‘Sorcery Of Hades’, ‘The Bone Nimbus’ and ‘Retromass (Morbid Ordinance Of Doom)’. You can already stream ‘Gravedance Sabbath’ at this location. For more THANATOMASS please visit

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