March 16, 2022

Spanish Thrashers HOLYCIDE have just revealed video # 4 (of the series of 10 videos) from their second album “Fist To Face”. You can check out a lyric video of the song ‘Nuclear Fallout’ right here. More HOLYCIDE information you will find at

Italian Doom / Deathers ASSUMPTION will release their new album “Hadean Tides” via Everlasting Spew Records later this year. A three minutes teaser can already be checked out at this location. Tape and vinyl editions in the American territory will be released via Sentient Ruin Laboratories. More about ASSUMPTION at

Atlanta, Georgia based Death Metallers FATHER BEFOULED have just released a track from their upcoming fifth album “Crowned In Veneficum”. You can stream ‘Salivating Faithlessness’ right here. The album will be released on March 25, 2022 via Everlasting Spew Records on CD, cassette tape and digital. The vinyl edition will follow later in 2022. You can follow FATHER BEFOULED at

On May 27, 2022 Iron Bonehead Productions will release two simultaneous debut albums of Swedish Black Metallers TROLLDOM, “I Nattens Sken” and “Av Gudars Ätt”, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The music of “I Nattens Sken” was already written between 2004 and 2008, recorded in 2018 and mixed and mastered in 2021, while “Av Gudars Ätt” was written between 2014 and 2017, recorded in 2018 and mixed and mastered in 2021. The full tracklist of “I Nattens Sken” reads as follows: ‘Under Vinternattens Dystra Fullmane’, ‘Ondskans Svarta Broderskap’, ‘Nattens Furste’, ‘Inom Nattens Eviga Rit’, ‘Nattmorkrets Svarta Skugga’, ‘Vid Hans Tron Morkret Vilar’, ‘Draparen Av Livets Veke’ and ‘Till Ruinens Svarta Rike’. “Av Gudars Ätt” features the following tracks: ‘Av Nagelbyggt Fran Doda Man…’, ‘Avtryck I Tiden Vavens Sista Stycke’, ‘Tomma Ogonhalor Spa Tidens Ande’, ‘En Eldbekladd Begravningsritual…’ and ‘Ur Nattsvart Dimma Mot Mossens Morka Vatten’. You can already check out a song from each album: ‘Ondskans Svarta Broderskap’ (from “I Nattens Sken”) can be streamed at this location, while ‘Avtryck I Tiden Vavens Sista Stycke’ (from “Av Gudars Ätt”) is available over here. For more info visit

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