March 18, 2020

Austin, Texas based Black Metal project SARPA will self-release their debut album “Solivagus” on June 05, 2020. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Cleanse’, ‘Triad Of Might’, ‘Predacious Dimensions’, ‘Evanesce’, ‘Anguishing Reveries’, ‘Solivagus’ and ‘Horizons Worlds Beyond’. The material was written and performed (all instruments, vocals) by David Baxter in various studios throughout Central Texas in 2019. The album was mixed and mastered by Tony Petrocelly of Trepan Studios. A first single ‘Triad Of Might’ is already streaming at this location. More about SARPA at

On June 05, 2020 Iron Bonehead Productions will release the self-titled debut full length from German Death Metallers SANCTIFYING RITUAL on CD and vinyl LP formats. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘(Tales Of The) Sinister Appearance’, ‘Into Obscure Abyss’, ‘Curse Of Evil’, ‘Obsessed By Gore’, ‘Carved In Rotten Remains’, ‘Stained With Rotten Blood’, ‘Throne Of Evil Atrocity’, ‘Mankind Devastation’ and ‘Abominable Death Rebels’. The track ‘Into Obscure Abyss’ is already available for streaming here. SANCTIFYING RITUAL released two demos and an EP prior to their debut album and the band’s line-up features members from (a.o.) DIVISION SPEED and NOCTURNAL WITCH. For more information check out

“Krønike I”, the debut demo from Norwegian Death Metallers DØDSKVAD, will be released on cassette tape format through Caligari Records on April 24, 2020. You can listen to all 3 demo songs (‘Rike I Ruiner’, ‘Adelråte’ and ‘Pakt Med Dypet’) at this location. DØDSKVAD is a project of E.R. (DESOLATION REALM) with members from OBLITERATION and SOVEREIGN. For all further info please visit Caligari Records at or

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