March 20, 2020

UNANIMATED’s “Ancient God Of Evil” (1995) and “In The Light Of Darkness” (2009) will be re-released via Century Media Records on May 15, 2020 on CD and LP. The release date of “In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead” (1993) will also be announced soon. “Ancient God Of Evil” has been remastered from the original DAT tape by Dan Swanö, while the layout part was taken care of by Erik Danielsson (WATAIN). Both “Ancient God Of Evil” and “In The Light Of Darkness” will get a 180gr gatefold vinyl treatment with enhanced and updated layouts and liner notes. The liner notes are based on an extensive in-depth interview with Richard Cabeza. They will be released as a three-part series, split among the booklets of the three respective albums. The LP edition of “Ancient God Of Evil” will additionally also be available on transparent red (ltd. to 100), white (ltd. to 200) and silver (ltd. to 200) vinyl. “In The Light Of Darkness” on transparent red (ltd. to 100), lilac (ltd. to 200) and gold (ltd. to 200) vinyl. Richard Cabeza (bass) commented on the re-releases as follows: “We are very excited to finally be able to re-issue our three prior studio albums… And FINALLY see an official vinyl release of “Ancient God Of Evil”! It’s with great pleasure to see these old hyms of darkness and death rise from the undead once again to haunt the light! With new layout and sound that justifies the past, the re-issues of these vinyls and CD’s is definitely dedicated to our loyal fans! Beware…The firestorm is coming!” More UNANIMATED information you will find at

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