March 20, 2024

Greek atmospheric Black Metallers DARK AFFLICTION will release their debut full length “Five Stages Of Grief” on May 24, 2024 via Theogonia Records. It was recorded and mixed at NoiseBox studio in Patras during the second half of 2022 and mastered by John Milionis (DEATH COURIER, FUEL EATER). The cover artwork was created by Khaos Diktator Design (GAEREA, LOCK UP, NORDJEVEL). The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Intro’, ‘Denial’, ‘Hate’, ‘Bargaining’, ‘Depression’ and ‘Acceptance’.

Chilean Thrashers CRITICAL DEFIANCE are streaming their upcoming new album “The Search Won’t Fall…” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on March 22, 2024 on CD via Unspeakable Axe Records and vinyl LP via Dying Victims Productions. The album will also be available digitally.

German Doom / Deathers MOON INCARNATE are streaming their upcoming debut full length “Hymns To The Moon” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on March 22, 2024 via Iron Bonehead Productions. The band features Christian Kolf (VALBORG) and Matin Vasari (BEYONDITION), who together wrote, recorded and produced the album over the course of two years in their hometown of Bonn, Germany, with Peter Scartabello (SKY SHADOW OBELISK), who recorded his drum tracks in Providence, Rhode Island.

On July 19, 2024 Svart Records will release a compilation from Finnish Black / Doom Metallers UNHOLY, entitled “Demology”. It will include the band’s early demo recordings “The Procession Of Black Doom” (1990), “Demo 11.90” (1990) and “Trip To Depressive Autumn” (1992), with exclusive liner notes. The material was mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios and will be available on 2 LP black / white marble vinyl (Svart Records exclusive), 2 LP limited transparent red vinyl, 2 LP classic black vinyl and as a 2 CD edition.

International atmospheric Black Metallers ACATHEXIS are streaming their sophomore full length “Immerse” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released today via Amor Fati Productions in co-operation with Extraconscious Records.

Denver, Colorado based VALE OF PNATH will release their new album “Between The Worlds Of Life And Death” on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats on May 24, 2024 via Willowtip Records. It will feature the following tracks: ‘The Forgotten Path (Intro)’, ‘Silent Prayer’, ‘Soul Offering’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Uncertain Tomorrow’, ‘Beneath Ashen Skies’, ‘No Return, No Regret’, ‘Echoes Of The Past (Interlude)’ and ‘Burning Light’. A video for the first single ‘Burning Light’ can already be watched over here. The band had this to say about the album: “It’s been 5 years since our last release, “Accursed”. The EP really was a new avenue for the band as we leaned further toward a more blackened approach stylistically. Having more of a tech death background, this EP was a way to lead our fans into the next era. “Between The Worlds Of Life And Death” is an album that really is just a continuation of what we started with “Accursed”. It captures the band’s core sound, but also brings a newer and bold take on this brand of metal. We want this to be the most approachable album we have made for metal fans. We want people to put this on and be sucked in immediately, yet keep coming back for more.” VALE OF PNATH will be touring the US in May with co-headliners ABIGAIL WILLIAMS and special guests SUMMONING THE LICH.

After more than seven years of releasing singles and EPs, Finnish Death Metallers POST PULSE will release their second full-length “Return To The Halls” on May 31, 2024 via Inverse Records. A video for the album track ‘Taste Of Freedom’ is already available at this location now. More about POST PULSE at

Reunion Island based Thrashers NOSFERÂ will release their debut full length “Tears Of Creation” on April 12, 2024 via Music-Records. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nosferâ at their own Dark Elixir Studio and the artwork was created by Macchabée Artworks. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Approaching The End Of Times’, ‘New Sun’, ‘Seeds Of Revenge’, ‘The Fallen One’, ‘Kingdom Of Death’, ‘Nosferâ’, ‘Punisher Of Humanity’, ‘Age Of Fire’, ‘World Collapse’, ‘War In The Frozen Lands’, ‘Demon Hunter’, ‘Curse Of The Exiled’ and ‘Chaos In The Catacombs’. You can already check out ‘Seeds Of Revenge’ over here. For all additional information please visit

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