March 27, 2021

On April 30, 2021 Osmose Productions will release “Vandring”, the third album of Norwegian Black Metallers NATTVERD. It is the final chapter of the band’s Black Death Trilogy, which also includes the 2019 EP “Skuggen” and 2020’s full-length “Styggdom”. “Vandring” was recorded during March and April of 2020 at Velvet Recording in Spydeberg, Norway, with producer Christer Krogh, who also mastered the album. The cover artwork was created by Khaos Diktator Design and Ormr. The following tracks will appear on “Vandring”: ‘Det Bloer Paa Alt Som Spirer’, ‘Martyrer Av Kristus’, ‘Naar Taaken Fortaerer Alt’, ‘Med Rive Og Lime’, ‘I Moerket Slumrer Ravnen’, ‘Gudsmenn, Deres Svik Erkjenn’, ‘Det Hvisker I Veggene’ and ‘Langt Langt Der Borte I Det Fjerne’. The track ‘Naar Taaken Fortaerer Alt’, which features Geir Bratland (Gerlioz of DIMMU BORGIR, ex – GOD SEED) on piano, can already be streamed over here. Additionally a video by Grupa 13 can be checked out at this location. More about NATTVERD at

Atlanta, Georgia based Death Metallers MALFORMITY have just premiered ‘Monument To Decay’, a track from their forthcoming album “Monumental Ruin”, at this location. The album will be released on April 19, 2021 on CD, digital and cassette formats via Unspeakable Axe Records. A vinyl release will follow in early summer. The complete “Monumental Ruin” tracklist reads as follows: ‘And I Beheld…’, ‘Perverse Apotheosis’, ‘Facemelt Bloodgrinder’, ‘Into Ruin’, ‘Monument To Decay’, ‘Degenerative Sequences’, ‘Immolated Archetype’, ‘False Dichotomy’, ‘Lost Necropolis’, ‘Lifeless Mindless’, ‘In Corrosion’, ‘Rapturous Damnation’ (bonus track) and ‘Unraveling’ (bonus track). For all further MALFORMITY information please visit

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