May 10, 2023

On July 28, 2023 Dying Victims Productions will release the debut album of Sweden’s thrashing Death Metallers ATONEMENT, “Sadistic Invaders”, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Hellish Delight’, ‘Await The Command’, ‘Fatal Militia’, ‘Axe Of Death’, ‘Evil Disaster’, ‘Lust For Sin’, ‘Unholy Sorcery’, ‘Death Merchant’, ‘Evil Minds’ and ‘Sadistic Invader’. You can already stream ‘Hellish Delight’ at this location. More ATONEMENT info you will find at

Norwegian epic blackened Metallers NATTEHIMMEL have just released a video for ‘Mountain Of The Northern Kings’ over here. The song is taken from the album “Mourningstar”, which will be released via Hammerheart Records on May 19, 2023. More about NATTEHIMMEL at

German Death Metallers CORROSIVE are currently working on their sixth full length, which will be released this autumn via MDD Records. The album will feature guest singers Gerre (TANKARD), Sabina Classen (HOLY MOSES), Dirk Weiss (WARPATH), Eva Schmidt (NIHIL), Andreas Jäger (HYEMS) and Kai Wilhelm (FINAL CRY), among others. For more CORROSIVE information and regular updates please follow the band at

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